Contest Results: <!-- -->Nike SB Berlin Open - Pre-Qualifier

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Results: Nike SB Berlin Open - Pre-Qualifier

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Konstantin Kabanov

1st: Konstantin Kabanov

Russian Federation, Age 21

Nicolai Minde

2nd: Nicolai Minde

Denmark, Age 23

Phillipp Oehmige

3rd: Phillipp Oehmige

Germany, Age: ?

Christoph Radtke

4th: Christoph Radtke

Germany, Age: ?

Marlon Schollmeier

5th: Marlon Schollmeier

Germany, Age 25

Erik Müller

6th: Erik Müller

Germany, Age 20

Thomas Graf

7th: Thomas Graf

Germany, Age 19

Christian Elizondo

8th: Christian Elizondo

Chile, Age 24

Jo Hill

9th: Jo Hill

Ireland {Republic}, Age: ?

Ville Wester

10th: Ville Wester

Denmark, Age 17

Sascha Scharf

11th: Sascha Scharf

Germany, Age 21

Kanya Spani

12th: Kanya Spani

South Africa, Age 24

Eric Ehrhardt

13th: Eric Ehrhardt

Germany, Age 21

Daniel Rahman

14th: Daniel Rahman

Czech Republic, Age 17

Nepomuk Herok

15th: Nepomuk Herok

Germany, Age: ?

Andreas Laustsen

16th: Andreas Laustsen

USA, Age: ?

Stanley Inacio

17th: Stanley Inacio

Brazil, Age: ?

David Neier

18th: David Neier

Germany, Age 29

Herman Moller

19th: Herman Moller

Sweden, Age 12

Johannes Keschke

20th: Johannes Keschke

Germany, Age 17

Ivan Cueje

21st: Ivan Cueje

Spain, Age 20

Mikkel Haugegaard

22nd: Mikkel Haugegaard

Denmark, Age 20

Philipp Wollmer

23rd: Philipp Wollmer

Germany, Age: ?

Pascal Moelaert

24th: Pascal Moelaert

Netherlands, Age 13

Christof Misur

25th: Christof Misur

Czech Republic, Age: ?

Gabriel Dos Santos

26th: Gabriel Dos Santos

United Kingdom, Age 18

Fred Ploque-Santos

27th: Fred Ploque-Santos

France, Age 25

Sergio Adao

28th: Sergio Adao

Portugal, Age: ?

Tobias Christoffersen

29th: Tobias Christoffersen

Denmark, Age 18

David Chudoba

30th: David Chudoba

Czech Republic, Age 17

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