adidas Skate Copa at Berlin Qualifiers Results

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Just for fun and the love of numbers...

Global Rank Point Value
Global Rank Category:
25 Regular
49.02 %
22 Goofy
43.14 %
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Denny Pham from Berlin Germany
Most Insta Followers:
Ben Dillinger from Mainburg Germany
adidas Skate Copa is an international series of shop vs shop contests created, managed, and run by The Boardr for adidas Skateboarding. adidas stopped the series after the 2015 season. We hope for the return of it soon.

Results by Team

1: Arrow & Beast

Arrow & Beast

Patrick Zentgraf: 81.83
Sandro Trovato: 80.69
Erik Müller: 80.27
Total Score: 242.79

2: Doodah


Severin von Ow: 82.85
Oliver Weismantel: 81.82
Christoph Rediger: 67.80
Total Score: 232.47

3: Titus


Patrick Rogalski: 78.13
Matthias Wieschermann: 76.99
Tom Kleinschmidt: 71.87
Total Score: 226.99



Daniel Ledermann: 76.34
Joscha Aicher: 74.50
Paul Zenner: 70.95
Total Score: 221.79

5: Skate Deluxe

Skate Deluxe

Thomas Graf: 74.18
Douwe Macare: 67.82
Ben Dillinger: 65.22
Total Score: 207.22

6: Made In

Made In

Sascha Ewest: 70.91
Alex Ring: 67.83
Kalle Zolino: 66.02
Total Score: 204.76

7: Mantis


Oliver Braun: 74.59
Michi von Fintel: 66.72
Giorgi Armani: 61.87
Total Score: 203.18

8: X-Double


Patrik Pittl: 62.13
Alban Millaku: 61.19
Ralf Edlinger: 60.84
Total Score: 184.16

9: Zupport


Jeremy Rushing: 65.06
Simon Weißer: 64.15
Lukas Junk: 40.06
Total Score: 169.27

10: Blue Tomato

Blue Tomato

Valentin Schenk: 61.35
Robert Klausner: 51.59
Tobi Fleischer: 47.48
Total Score: 160.42

11: TX Sports

TX Sports

Julian Mack: 51.45
Daniel Csernyi: 49.99
Philipp Neugebauer: 48.08
Total Score: 149.52

12: Wind Sport

Wind Sport

Marvin Rausch: 60.05
Tim Jakob: 42.85
Stefan Schmidt: 42.80
Total Score: 145.70

Individual Results

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Countries Represented in adidas Skate Copa at Berlin Qualifiers

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Germany

Germany (40)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Austria

Austria (6)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Switzerland

Switzerland (4)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Netherlands

Netherlands (1)