The Boardr Am Qualifiers at New York Results

6 years ago on May 2nd, 2015

The Boardr Am is a top amateur skateboarding series. Winners go all expenses paid to the Season Finals at Empire Open in Montreal.

7 Countries Represented in this Event

Skateboarders from United States
59 from USA
Skateboarders from Canada
6 from CAN
Skateboarders from Israel
1 from ISR
Skateboarders from Peru
1 from PER
Skateboarders from Dominican Republic
1 from DOM
Skateboarders from Colombia
1 from COL
Skateboarders from Chile
1 from CHI


Just for fun and the love of numbers...

Global Rank Points
1,000 Street
70 Riders
528,352 Insta Followers
28 Regular, 40.00%
42 Goofy, 60.00%
Most Insta Followers:
Maurio McCoy from Reading PA
Most YouTube Views:
Yoshi Tanenbaum from Silver Spring MD