Copenhagen Pool Jam Qualifiers, Pre-Rain Out Results

7 years ago on August 29th, 2014

The folks running Copenhagen Pro, CPH Open, and all the other events there every year are doing skateboarding's most fun and ripping annual events. We're hyped that they've enlisted The Boardr to assist with running them year after year.

6 Countries Represented in this Event

Skateboarders from United States
8 from USA
Skateboarders from Denmark
5 from DEN
Skateboarders from Sweden
3 from SWE
Skateboarders from France
2 from FRA
Skateboarders from United Kingdom
1 from GBR
Skateboarders from Norway
1 from NOR


Just for fun and the love of numbers...

20 Riders
481,045 Insta Followers
13 Regular, 65.00%
6 Goofy, 30.00%
Most Insta Followers:
Chris Russell from Hermosa Beach CA
Most YouTube Views:
Chris Russell from Hermosa Beach CA