adidas Skate Copa at NYC Final Bracket Round Results

Monday, April 21, 2014


Just for fun and the love of numbers...

Global Rank Point Value
Global Rank Category:
4 Regular
44.44 %
5 Goofy
55.56 %
Social Media Stats for All Entrants in this Contest
Total YouTube Views:
Total Insta Followers:
Most YouTube Views:
Richie Rizzo from Mahwah NJ
Most Insta Followers:
Keith Hardy from New York NY
Oldest, age 33:
Billy Rohan from NYC NY
Youngest, age 14:
Keith Hardy from New York NY
adidas Skate Copa is an international series of shop vs shop contests created, managed, and run by The Boardr for adidas Skateboarding. adidas stopped the series after the 2015 season. We hope for the return of it soon.

Results by Team

1: Labor


Derek Holmes: 87.95
Billy Rohan: 77.36
Keith Hardy: 77.16
Total Score: 242.47

2: NJ Skate Shop

NJ Skate Shop

Jordan Gesko: 80.16
Nico Magalhaes: 76.64
Silvester Eduardo: 73.00
Total Score: 229.80

Individual Results