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Red Bull Boarding Pass Chicago Qualifiers Results


Results by Team

1: Team Four Seasons
Team Four Seasons
2: Team Modern
Team Modern
3: Team Fargo
Team Fargo
4: Team Anthem
Team Anthem
5: Team GBASO
6: Team First Gear
Team First Gear
7: Team Exodus
Team Exodus
8: Team 5 Mile Hill
Team 5 Mile Hill
9: Team People
Team People
10: Team Sapient
Team Sapient
11: Team Plus
Team Plus
12: Team Slabz
Team Slabz
13: Team Asylum
Team Asylum

Results by Rider

🏆 1st: Dustin Blauvelt

Dustin BlauveltUSA
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Event Stats

Global Rank Points
1,000 Street
Prize Money
Goofy vs Regular
20 Regular, 33.90%
39 Goofy, 66.10%

Red Bull Boarding Pass

A series of Team vs Team contests that leads to Terminal Takeover.

Red Bull Boarding Pass
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