Tyler Bledsoe

Goofy, Age 27, Portland USA


Quasi, HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Cal's Pharmacy, Swiss, Oakley, DaKine, Wayward Wheels.

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Tyler Bledsoe Videos

1,991 Views, Published September 2017
31,037 Views, Published April 2017
158,065 Views, Published December 2016
138,912 Views, Published November 2016
12,895 Views, Published December 2015
3,142 Views, Published March 2014
103,409 Views, Published February 2014
3,132 Views, Published July 2013
12,996 Views, Published March 2012
20,902 Views, Published December 2011
9,877 Views, Published July 2010

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Tyler Bledsoe Contest History

39th Place

Dec 2016: World Championships of Instagramming for December 2016
100 Skaters. Global Rank Points Earned: 0
Ranking Class: Street

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