Women's Skateboarding at X Games Austin 2014

Posted by Rob Meronek on Sunday, June 8, 2014

These ladies are killing it and pushing skateboarding forward for women year after year. I've got a few photos and sequences here from the weekend. Congrats Lacey Baker for winning it this year at X Games Austin Womens.

Mimi organizes things for the Women's division at X Games. Check out more of the good things she's doing in skateboarding at her organization, The Alliance.
Profile: Mimi Knoop

Samarria Brevard has a snapped kickflip high above the cliff.
Profile: Samarria Brevard

Vanessa has a proper looking ollie.
Profile: Vanessa Torres

Lacey's got my renamed trick, The Meron Grab.
Profile: Lacey Baker

Jessica Florencio has a good looking kickflip.
Profile: Jessica Florencio

He's got to be overcompensating for something.

Mimi and Clements address the ladies before the throwdown begins.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Everyone stop skating for a second so Ryan and I can put our babies on blast right quick. That's Ryan's daughter Sloane and my son Alvis. We brought the family out on this one since it's an extra long trip between two adidas Skate Copa events we're also running.
Profile: Alvis Meronek

Alana Smith at X Games Austin 2014
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Alana says this is the biggest rail she's ever feeble grinded, or maybe the steepest.
Profile: Alana Smith

Samarria Brevard at X Games Austin 2014
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This is just Samarria's warmup for a 5-0 down this big, steep hubba later.
Profile: Samarria Brevard

Laura Fong-Yee at X Games Austin 2014
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Laura's on the alternates list right now. We'll see if she kickflips her way in there.
Profile: Laura Fong-Yee

Alexis Sablone Kickflip at X Games Austin 2014
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Alexis gets up and keeps skating after some of the hardest slams you've ever seen. She's out there destroying as usual with a kickflip over the rail.
Profile: Alexis Sablone

Leticia is new to the Nike SB squad. Much deserved. That's a kickflip.
Profile: Leticia Bufoni

Lacey Baker Backside 360 at X Games
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Lacey's got that surf style out of this backside 360.
Profile: Lacey Baker

Alana Smith Kickflip 50-50 at X Games Austin
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Alana Smith - kickflip 50-50 on that pool coping.
Profile: Alana Smith

Laura Fong-Yee was an alternate shredding all weekend. She ended up not getting in this time, though.
Profile: Laura Fong-Yee

Alana Smith - backside lipslide.
Profile: Alana Smith

Julia Brueckler is here from Austria on this noseslide.
Profile: Julia Brueckler