Recap: Wheelie Dope Presented by Andale

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, September 25, 2015

The stage was set, literally, for a mindblowing balancing act to go down, and down it went. Wheelie Dope at the Courthouse Stage was shocking in both what dudes could do up the stage and what they could follow it up with on two wheels across and exiting the stage. Thanks Andale and Joey Brezinski for having The Boardr run the show.

Early morning Bondo preps by Joey.
Profile: Joey Brezinski

Frontside noseslides always look good. Combine them with a manual trick and it's that much better.
Profile: Joey Brezinski

Your judges are Jason Rothmeyer, Daniel Castillo, and Guy Mariano.
Profile: Guy Mariano

Microphone techniques by Steezus.
Profile: Steezus Christ

I was star struck by Guy Mariano using The Boardr Live, our app for making your skateboard shindig run smooth as marble ground.
Profile: Guy Mariano

It was a skateboard celebrity crowd.

Even the filmers were celebrities.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe


Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Social Media Champ.
Profile: Joey Brezinski

Traditional media.

Congrats, Diego Najera.
Profile: Diego Najera

Congrats Chris Casey on the best coozie award.

Don Brown has fans that bring him things like this.
Profile: Don Brown