Did Kanye Make it Uncool to be a Follower?

Posted by Rob Meronek on Saturday, September 14, 2013

What way do you use to keep up with people and companies you're interested in? I've got some options for you here with a fantastic work of digital drawing to match. Thanks for throwing down a follow.

@TheBoardr on Instagram

Photography is one of the easiest professions to claim you're a pro. Instagram helped make it like that. Find randoms from skateboarding trips and what not on our Insta, some "photography," and some of that moving pictures stuff they recently added.

@TheBoardr on Twitter

Is Twitter the new phone number? @ me, bro. If Twitter is the new phone number, what's that make a website? Maybe it's the new drive in theater. I consider it your home base as a business and the only land you own instead of rent. You'll find the regular conversations, rants, and random links if you're following on Twitter.

TheBoardr on Tumblr

Man, I love Tumblr, mostly for the community. Of all of the social networks out there, this one still feels the most open like the internet itself. You can find all slices of humanity here from big ass companies to artists, designers, and musicians, plus your average porn peddler. I usually dump out small groups of photos from whatever we're up to on our Tumblr.

/TheBoardr on Facebook

What's happening to email seems to be where Facebook is headed. Grown ups "need" it to keep in touch. Bid'niss people still love it because the masses are there. I don't know if I'd have a Facebook if I wasn't a grown up. It's going to be interesting to watch what happens there over the next decade. If you still keep up there, you'll find many of the same posts and links to posts that I put on the site.

The Boardr Mailing List

Good old fashioned email. Seems like most kids these days don't even use it. Is email going the way of voice calls did once texting became popular? Seems like it, but for generall bid'niss folk, email is still super important. I'll email you about one a month and during real special times if you're on The Boardr mailing list.

The Boardr on Google+

The nerd in me likes Google Plus. Maybe it's because it seems to be all nothing but fellow nerds there? I think they're silently putting all the foundation pieces together over the years where one day everyone going to suddenly realize that's the place to be if you want an audience. I'll post random stuff from the site there and some photos every now and then.