Introducing The Boardr Bodcast with Scotty The Body Conley

One of our pandemic lockdown projects was starting a podcast. Our host for The Boardr Bodcast is Scotty Conley, aka The Body. You can find him generally every two weeks with a new episode.

Introducing The Boardr Bodcast with Scotty The Body Conley

Posted by Rob Meronek 5 months ago on May 6th, 2021

One of our pandemic lockdown projects was starting a podcast.

Our host for The Boardr Bodcast is Scotty Conley, aka The Body. You can find him generally every two weeks with a new episode. It's a variety of guests, from pro skateboarders you know and love, to influential locals from the scene, to random business topics and behind the scenes stuff on our jobs here.

Check it out below or on Apple or Spotify Podcasts.

  • Andrew Cannon
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to old friend Andrew Cannon about his Damn Am victory in 2004, being pro for World Industries, his current gigs announcing Street League and the Tampa contests, golf, and his other job as brand manager at Santa Cruz Skateboards.
  • Steve Ayers fka Stalker Steve
    • In this episode, Scotty gets on the line with old friend Steve Ayers, and they talk about burying the Stalker Steve nickname, his magical weekend as staff photographer on a Shaqueefa tour, and a little advice on dealing with personal tragedy and coming out clean on the other side. Steve adds an extra Curtis Valentine story after the outro.
  • James Craig
    • In this episode, Scotty gets on the phone with James Craig and talks about his pro career, the scarcity and value of his old Blind pro models, transitioning to the team manager role, and shifting once again to his current job as an agent over at Excel Management.
  • Stephen Buggica
    • In this episode, Scotty hops on the line with great friend and videographer Stephen Buggica about his first days skating at SPoT, how he got into filming, the Shaqueefa Mixtape Trilogy, and his current endeavor over at Busted Mic.
  • Danny Fuenzalida
    • In this episode, Scotty talks with good friend and professional skateboarder Danny Fuenzalida about his journey to the United States, his first Tampa Am, his tenure in San Francisco, and everything he's been up to in his current hometown of Miami.
  • Oscar Loreto Jr.
    • Oscar was born missing 9 out of 10 fingers and one foot. That hasn't stopped him from ripping at skateboarding and pushing the message and story of how skating is growing in adaptive with all its benefits. The Boardr recently partnered with USA Skateboarding to bring adaptive divisions to all of our Grind for Life contests across the country. Oscar is right there with us helping push everything forward.
  • Joe Monteleone aka JoeFace
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to old friend and Dickies Team Manager Joe Monteleone aka JoeFace. They talk about his roots in Long Island, how they met at SPoT in 2007, filming the final Transworld Video, and the events that led him to working at Dickies Clothing.
  • Trey Jones
    • In this episode of #theboardrbodcast, Scotty is joined by professional BMX rider Trey Jones and he puts up with some basic questions about BMX while also talking about his fanhood of skateboarding, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the never ending hunt for toys and collectibles.
  • Jereme Knibbs
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to Jereme Knibbs about growing up in the Tampa Bay Area, his journey up the ranks in skateboarding, touring with Lil' Wayne, going pro, and the aftermath of putting his personal life and family struggles on the internet in his True Grit documentary.
  • Pat Stiener
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to old friend Pat Stiener about growing up in Lakeland, Florida, how they met at Skatepark of Tampa, all-ages contests, and how he ended up in the Static video series and riding for Traffic Skateboards.
  • Lydia Conley
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to his new wife Lydia about how they met, her thoughts on skateboarding and pro wrestling, and a declaration of love that might make you shed a tear.
  • Miami Open Recap with Ryan Clements
    • In this episode, Ryan Clements joins Scotty to discuss the first annual Miami Open that went down this weekend.
  • Nick Matlin
    • In this episode, Scotty talks with old friend Nick Matlin about his early days riding for Dogtown, going to Astro Skate, why Supernaut went out of business, and his insane number of jobs performed in the skate industry.
  • Young Money Skate Team
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to Lil' Wayne's Young Money Skate Team, aka the SQVAD about skate trips, how they ended up in the company of Mr. Carter, side hustles, and more. This is our first multi-guest episode featuring Tyreek Morrison, Edgar Benitez, Andre Colbert, YD, and Ricky Willis.
  • Allen Russell
    • In this episode, Scotty talks with old friend Allen Russell about the early days of SPoT, being the first Man Am, his current job building skateparks, and both of our upcoming weddings.
  • Tim O'Connor
    • In this episode, Scotty talks with famed pro skateboarder/announcer Tim O'Connor about New Jersey real estate, how Tim transitioned from pro skater to contest announcer, being a family man during Covid times, and the perks of being in Bam's crew.
  • Jason Rothmeyer
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to Jason Rothmeyer about gambling, snakes, action figures, his approach to judging some of the biggest contests in the world, and why Dennis Busenitz is the best.
  • Steve Brandi
    • In this episode, Scotty talks to lifelong friend Steve Brandi about tennis, the early days at SPoT, and the lead up and aftermath of his coming out interview in Thrasher Magazine.
  • Chris Roberts
    • In this episode, Scotty is joined by The 9 Club host Chris Roberts. They discuss the ins and outs of podcasting and how they both failed at Tampa AM, with a special appearance by Larry the Cat.
  • Haleigh Barchard
    • In this episode, we talk to legendary Tampa bartender Haleigh Barchard about her first time meeting skaters in high school, why she thinks we are cool, The Senator, and which pros gave her the best and worst times behind the bar.
  • Mike Rogers
    • In this episode, we talk to Mike Rogers about defeating cancer as a young kid, skateboarding in the 80's, getting cancer again in his 40's, and how he used his personal story as inspiration to start the Grind For Life organization.
  • Josh Stewart
    • In this episode, we talk to Josh Stewart about his roots in Tampa, some of my favorite Static parts, filming and skating at Tampa Am, and the one time Josh filmed me trying to fly down the old Ybor double set.
  • Big Baby Scumbag
    • In this episode, we talk to Tampa rapper Big Baby Scumbag about being a skater before he was a musician, other skaters that can rhyme, his Baker fanhood, and how buying a Nascar jacket from a thrift store eventually led to his breakout hit and a trip to the Daytona 500.
  • Bo Mitchell
    • In this episode, The Body talks to skater/actor Bo Mitchell about finding skateboarding in his hometown of Aiken, South Carolina, getting discovered by a talent scout at the mall when he was 9 months old, how he was a dick to him on his first trip to Tampa, and how losing a role in Talladega Nights led to him getting a role in Eastbound and Down.
  • Business Edition: Sitting in on an Event Planning Meeting
    • This one is pretty boring, as most behind the scenes planning and general business stuff is.In this episode, we're letting you sit in on an event planning meeting. This one's for a Grind for Life Series in the middle of all the constraints of COVID-19. We've got a lot of the groundwork like figuring out how exactly it's going to work, building out the schedule, setting up registration, etc. Now we're going into one last meeting on all that before we make the official announcement to the public.
  • Intro Episode: The Roots and History of The Body
    • In this first episode, we get the backstory on who your host is, Scotty Conley, aka The Body. From Scotty’s early exposure to skateboarding at Skatepark of Tampa and the raw culture of skateboarding he was immersed in there to how things led to The Boardr today, Scotty reflects on it all to bring us to the first episode introducing your host. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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