Recap: The Boardr Am at Atlanta

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, May 9, 2016

At the end of the second of three runs, it was a close run for first between Jereme Knibbs and Christian Dufrene, but Christian put down a banger in his third run for a 92.76 that was not matched by any of the remaining runs.

Christian is the fifth winner of the 2015-2016 season who joins us at The Boardr Am Finals at X Games in Austin in June.

Scott Laird starting off the day with a proper nosegrind.
Profile: Scottie Laird

Jake Wooten was flying out of everything all day long.
Profile: Jake Wooten

The mayor of Kennesaw, Derek Easterling, was out skating around before the Contest.

Local ripper Zeke Logan was on the injured list so he held down the Marinela tent for us.
Profile: Zeke Logan

Jereme Knibbs with the fakie nosegrind.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

A lot of future skateboarding in this photo.
Profile: Roman Hager

Marcos Montoya, noseblunt down the big rail.
Profile: Marcos Montoya

Justin Brock, Bob Reynolds, and Jorge Angel had their work cut out for them in Atlanta.
Profile: Justin Brock

Niko Howard, back smith from the judges booth.
Profile: Niko Howard

There was so much excitement that the spectators had to be on leashes.

Roman Hager was the youngest kid in the contest and killed it all day.
Profile: Roman Hager

Jereme Knibbs going the distance with this back tail.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Homer knows best.

Robbyn Spangler-Magby, stale fish
Profile: Robbyn Spangler-Magby

Myles Willard front blunted his way into 3rd place.
Profile: Myles Willard

We've seen Tyler Hunger at most of The Boardr Ams and he gets better every time. He didn't miss this 5-0 180 out all day.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Christian Miller with a lofty back tail.
Profile: Christian Miller

This nosegrind helped Christian Dufrene take 1st in Atlanta.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

His hat is way nicer than mine.

Christian Dufrene, front feeble for the crowd.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Everyone waiting to find out who won the Atlanta stop of The Boardr Am.

And the winner is Christian Dufrene in 1st! Jereme Knibbs took home 2nd and Myles Willard got 3rd.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Jake Ilardi started off the Best Trick with a bigspin front blunt and took home a cool hundred bucks.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Robbyn came out of nowhere with this 3 flip tail grab.
Profile: Robbyn Spangler-Magby

Ty Tarzetti, back 270 lip.
Profile: Ty Tarzetti

It's free to skate the Best Trick at all The Boardr Ams. I didn't catch this guy's name, but his tre bomb was on point.

Everyone watching the huck fest we call Best Trick.

Jorge, Justin, and Bob giving out cash for the Best Trick.
Profile: Bob Reynolds

After Zeke was done holding down the Marinela tent, we shot this boneless to fakie.
Profile: Zeke Logan