Tampa Pro Weekend

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Staff Photographer Chaz Miley was in Tampa during Tampa Pro week while most of the #BoardrBoys where in Australia running the Vans Park Series down there. He's got a few photos from the Contest and people stopping by The Boardr HQ.

Ray says stretching is the key. Thanks for stopping by The Boardr HQ, Ray!
Profile: Ray Barbee

Shane O'Neill stopped by HQ, too. That's a switch flip as casual as a regular ollie.
Profile: Shane O'Neill

Now over at the Contest, we've got Tommy Fynn on a fakie front blunt.
Profile: Tommy Fynn

Ryan Sheckler, switch flip.
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Decenzo, kickflip noseblunt slide.
Profile: Ryan Decenzo

Brandon Westgate, fakie flip.
Profile: Brandon Westgate

Ishod Wair, kickflip fakie.
Profile: Ishod Wair

This is how your boneless should look.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Evan Smith, smith grind.
Profile: Evan Smith

Good times with Koston and Jamie.
Profile: Jamie Foy

Eric Dressen, 5-0 around the corner.
Profile: Eric Dressen

Sean Malto, backside noseblunt slide.
Profile: Sean Malto

Tommy Fynn, 360 flip.
Profile: Tommy Fynn

Ryan Sheckler, kickflip 50-50
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

You guys going to Ybor tonight?
Profile: David Loy

Jake Wooten, backside flip.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Cash was stoked to say the least.
Profile: Cash Gaddes

Ray made everyone's night with his performance.
Profile: Ray Barbee

Boo Johnson, frontside flip.
Profile: Boo Johnson

Tyshawn somehow kickfliped up this a few times.
Profile: Tyshawn Jones

Bobby, switch crook.
Profile: Bobby Worrest

Alex Olson, 360 flip.
Profile: Alex Olson

Cody Lockwood, stalefish.
Profile: Cody Lockwood

Daniel Vargas, sweeper.
Profile: Daniel Vargas

Tom Remillard, front rock.
Profile: Tom Remillard

Never a bad time with Torey on scene.
Profile: Torey Pudwill

Blake on a BSTS in his first pro contest.
Profile: Blake Johnson

Ryan Sheckler, kickflip.
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Make sure to wax your wheel bite spots.
Profile: Nyjah Huston

Felipe Gustavo, nollie flip noseslide.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Dennis going up.
Profile: Dennis Busenitz

Tommy killed it all weekend.
Profile: Tommy Fynn

First place in everyone's book.
Profile: Eric Koston

The after effects of Louie's winning run.
Profile: Louie Lopez

Tommy Fynn, 360 flip noseblunt slide.
Profile: Tommy Fynn

Congrats again, Louie!
Profile: Louie Lopez