Randoms from The Boardr Staff Photographer, Chaz Miley

Posted by Chaz Miley on Friday, July 1, 2016

Every now and then, Chaz digs through his archives and takes us back.

All of Mark's things are in that trailer.

Ben on a layback tailblock.
Profile: Ben Raybourn

Brighton Zeuner, invert.
Profile: Brighton Zeuner

Dominic Allred, front feeble
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

Everyone gets creative around Mark. Just take a look at Jorge in the background.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Front rock from the Bird Man.
Profile: Tony Hawk

It's always safety first with The Gonz.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Jake Wooten, lipslide.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Jake Wooten, one footer.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Mark on the streets of NYC.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Mike McGill, boardslide.
Profile: Mike McGill

Kevin Staab, frontside invert.
Profile: Kevin Staab

The Gonz always has something going on.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

The Gonz finishing up some work in his studio.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Tony going up and over Mike Rogers.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Tony Hawk, layback grind.
Profile: Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk, tuck knee invert.
Profile: Tony Hawk

Two Atlanta legends, Brock and Babb.
Profile: Justin Brock

Comments: Randoms from The Boardr Staff Photographer, Chaz Miley

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