An Insane Skateboard Party in the Mountains

Every year, Zumiez invites key people and pros in the skateboard industry for a day of snowboarding and a night of a ceremony to recognize their top staff people. I stacked headshots the whole night until the booze and altitude got to me. I've got a few photos and some sketchy cell phone video for you.

An Insane Skateboard Party in the Mountains

Posted by Rob Meronek 9 years ago on January 4th, 2014

Every year, Zumiez invites key people and pros in the skateboard industry for a day of snowboarding and a night of a ceremony to recognize their top staff people. I stacked headshots the whole night until the booze and altitude got to me. I've got a few photos and some sketchy cell phone video for you.

Zumiez 100k Snowboarding
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

We spend the entire day on the slopes with head to toe kits provided by Zumiez and their brand friends like Nike. You can't even tell who anyone is with all this stuff on.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Zumiez 100k Snowboarding Stinkbug
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

That's Porpe with stinkbug practice before we slash down that hill back there.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Zumiez 100k Snowboarding Rob Meronek Meron Grab
Rob Meronek Photo

Of course, I got the meron grab.

Profile: Rob Meronek
Zumiez 100k Lightning Machine

This crazy lightning machine was outside freaking everyone out. How can I get one in my living room?

Dan Rogers at Zumiez 100k
Dan Rogers Photo

If you've been skating for a long time, you know Dan Rogers from ripping in the H Street days. He still rips these days and recently joined Asphalt Yacht Club on the bid'niss side of things.

Profile: Dan Rogers
Jesse Fritsch at Zumiez 100k
Jesse Fritsch Photo

Jesse Fritsch handles the brand for Asphalt Yacht Club. We're both managing the children in the New Daddy Club.

Profile: Jesse Fritsch
Riley Hawk at Zumiez 100k
Riley Hawk Photo

Way back when Riley Hawk first started skating our am contests, he was over it half way through his run and ended up in last place because of that. Tony saw the results and asked us what happened. I remember feeling bad about him being in DFL. It's so good to see how he's grown into becoming such a great skateboarder and now pro for Baker.

Profile: Riley Hawk
Stevie Williams at Zumiez 100k
Stevie Williams Photo

I'm in the Asphalt Yacht Club circle right now with Stevie Williams.

Profile: Stevie Williams
Sam Smyth at Zumiez 100k
Sam Smyth Photo

Sam Smyth is one of the top skateboard talent managers out there.

Profile: Sam Smyth
Jared Lucas at Zumiez 100k
Jared Lucas Photo

Pioneer of the filming method #asstotrick, Jared Lucas.

Profile: Jared Lucas
Jeff Pang at Zumiez 100k
Jefferson Pang Photo

Jeff Pang runs it at DC. I need a box of that Wu Tang collab!

Profile: Jefferson Pang
Kenny Anderson at Zumiez 100k
Kenny Anderson Photo

Kenny Anderson aka The Perfect Man.

Profile: Kenny Anderson
Zered Bassett at Zumiez 100k
Zered Bassett Photo

Zered Bassett noticed my Quartersnacks beanie. We're both fans of those dudes and their site.

Profile: Zered Bassett
Daniel Lutheran at Zumiez 100k
Daniel Lutheran Photo

Daniel Lutheran has no bad hair days.

Profile: Daniel Lutheran
Brian Slash Hansen at Zumiez 100k
Brian Hansen aka Slash Photo

I wonder, when you have a beard like this, do you have to constantly maintain and trim so there's an opening for your mouth or does your moustache just kind of naturally know to stop growing right there? I didn't want to ask Slash a silly question like that.

Profile: Brian Hansen aka Slash
Justin Brock at Zumiez 100k
Justin Brock Photo

Justin Brock is in the New Daddy Club, too.

Profile: Justin Brock
Vern Laird at Zumiez 100k
Vern Laird Photo

I wonder what kind of snowboard haterisms Vern was throwing out on the slopes today.

Profile: Vern Laird
Jeff Taylor at Zumiez 100k
Jeff Taylor Photo

Jeff Taylor is one of the chief bid'niss dudes at DC. Lemme get that Wu Tang collab!

Profile: Jeff Taylor
Steve Van Doren at Zumiez 100k
Steve Van Doren Photo

Steve Van Doren cooks up the Vans waffles at every event, even this one outside in the cold at the base of the mountain lift.

Profile: Steve Van Doren
Foot Fetish at Zumiez 100k

Uh oh, I'm doing Foot Fetishes? The alcohol must be sinking in.

Marty Murowski and Scuba Steve at Zumiez 100k
Marty Murawski Photo

Marty and Scuba got some alcohol sinking in, but nowhere near as fast as my thin blood is absorbing it.

Profile: Marty Murawski
Mike Anderson at Zumiez 100k
Mike Anderson Photo

Mike Anderson of the notorious Heat 9 in Kimberley, South Africa.

Profile: Mike Anderson
Mike Carroll at Zumiez 100k
Mike Carroll Photo

I finally got more drunk than Mike Carroll at an event.

Profile: Mike Carroll
Staff at Zumiez 100k

Zumiez brings all their top staff members out every year for this ceremony and party. They are some of the most polite and enthusiastic people you'll ever be around. That explains the strength of their business.

Lizard King at Zumiez 100k
Lizard King Photo

We all should have the passion like Lizard King.

Profile: Lizard King
Chris Pastras and Ray Barbee at Zumiez 100k
Ray Barbee Photo

Ray Barbee and Chris Pastras aka Dune. There's a lot of skateboard history in this room right now. Congrats Chris on the new Stereo Skateboards distribution deal and thanks for letting us crash your room.

Profile: Ray Barbee
Chad Muska at Zumiez 100k
Chad Muska Photo

Chad Muska, one of the few able to attain a nickname with "The" attached to a last name.

Profile: Chad Muska
Ryan Clements and Heath at Zumiez 100k
Heath Brinkley Photo

These dudes are the chiefs of Excel Management that handles the finances and other super boring details of your favorite pros like Sean Malto and Ishod Wair.

Profile: Heath Brinkley
Craig Chimile at Zumiez 100k
Craig Chimile Photo

Craig Chimile always gives me a hard time over my shoes.

Profile: Craig Chimile
Chase Webb at Zumiez 100k
Chase Webb Photo

I used to get the best emails from Chase Webb when he was a little kid asking about skating in the am contests we were doing back then.

Profile: Chase Webb
Steve Miller at Zumiez 100k
Steve Miller Photo

Steve Miller got pretty hammered at the last Tampa event and ended up sleeping on my balcony. I outdid him at his own event here as far as the hammered part. Thanks for taking care of me, Steve!

Profile: Steve Miller
Mikey Taylor at Zumiez 100k
Mikey Taylor Photo

We just roped Mikey Taylor in for a private event we're doing in two weeks. See you then, Mikey!

Profile: Mikey Taylor
Ishod Wair at Zumiez 100k
Ishod Wair Photo

The Skater of the Year is here. If you're going to go tie dye, go all in with it.

Profile: Ishod Wair
Erica Yary at Zumiez 100k
Erica Yary Photo

Erica Yary mentioned the Skater Boi Fridays feature. She's going to featured in this week's edition so ya'll can holla back.

Profile: Erica Yary
Gear Check at Zumiez 100k

Pause for a gear check.

Cory Kennedy at Zumiez 100k
Cory Kennedy Photo

I wonder what kind of snowboarder Cory Kennedy is? When you're that good at skateboarding, does it transfer over to the slopes?

Profile: Cory Kennedy
Vincent Alvarez at Zumiez 100k
Vincent Alvarez Photo

No one knew who Vincent Alvarez was years ago when he showed up to skate an am contest we were doing. It took a few tricks into his run before we realized he was skating switch. After that weekend, everyone knew who he was.

Profile: Vincent Alvarez
Max Schaaf at Zumiez 100k
Max Schaaf Photo

Max Schaaf is here to give away a custom bike to one of the Zumiez employees.

Profile: Max Schaaf
Julian Davidson and Mark Appleyard at Zumiez 100k
Julian Davidson Photo

Element is here in full with Julian Davidson and Mark Appleyard.

Profile: Julian Davidson
Dennis Busenitz and Pete Eldridge at Zumiez 100k
Dennis Busenitz Photo

Dennis Busenitz and Pete Eldridge are here with Adidas, one of my favorite shoe companies. We'll have them in stock here at The Boardr real soon.

Profile: Dennis Busenitz
Jeff Kendall and Bod Boyle at Zumiez 100k
Ryan Clements Photo

Ryan Clements, Jeff Kendal, Bod Boyle, and a dude looking really young hanging with the oldies.

Profile: Ryan Clements
Andrew Brophy at Zumiez 100k
Andrew Brophy Photo

All I can think of when I see Andrew Brophy is that 360 flip he did over the picnic table.

Profile: Andrew Brophy
Felipe Gustavo at Zumiez 100k
Felipe Gustavo Photo

Felipe Gustavo is also a client of Excel Management. His books and boring stuff are on point. Don't let that slip.

Profile: Felipe Gustavo
Ryan Sheckler at Zumiez 100k
Ryan Sheckler Photo

I can't wait to see Ryan Sheckler's Plan B part.

Profile: Ryan Sheckler
Bryan Herman at Zumiez 100k
Bryan Herman Photo

Bryan Herman has his books and boring stuff on point, too, thanks to Excel Management.

Profile: Bryan Herman
Neen Williams at Zumiez 100k
Neen Williams Photo

Neen didn't bring any of the booty chicks with him.

Profile: Neen Williams
Louie Barletta at Zumiez 100k
Louie Barletta Photo

I met Louie Barletta here for the first time last year.

Profile: Louie Barletta
Brandon Biebel at Zumiez 100k
Brandon Biebel Photo

Brandon Biebel's Instagram account got hacked and was pushing some webcam girl's account for a while. It actually didn't look that unnatural.

Profile: Brandon Biebel
New Era at Zumiez 100k

The entire New Era crew was here!

Torey Pudwill at Zumiez 100k
Torey Pudwill Photo

Torey Pudwill was here to thank the Grizzly Gang for the support.

Profile: Torey Pudwill
Paul Rodriguez at Zumiez 100k
Paul Rodriguez Photo

Paul Rodriguez is another one with books and boring stuff kept on point by Excel Management. Damn, Excel needs to make a video with all the dudes on the roster. It would be off the charts.

Profile: Paul Rodriguez
Adrian Lopez at Zumiez 100k
Adrian Lopez Photo

Adrian Lopez is running things at Loser Machine.

Profile: Adrian Lopez
Eric Koston at Zumiez 100k
Eric Koston Photo

I blew it on Koston's headshot. You can still tell it's him, though.

Profile: Eric Koston
Shepard Fairey at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Now it's time to stack posts for First up, Shepard Fairey.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Jasper Odd Future at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Next up for is Jasper.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Earl Sweatshirt at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Earl Sweatshirt and Porpe! Bonus Stevie Perez addition.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Earl Sweatshirt and Rob Meronek at Zumiez 100k
Rob Meronek Photo

I had to switch places with Porpe for the photo with Earl.

Profile: Rob Meronek
Angel Ramirez at Zumiez 100k
Angel Ramirez Photo

Angel Ramirez can go on, but it's going to have to be in the Commoners column.

Profile: Angel Ramirez
Rodney Mullen and Ray Barbee at Zumiez 100k
Rodney Mullen Photo

What are Ray Barbee and Rodney Mullen talking about? I don't know, but after I left, I know they were probably talking about me getting creeper status on them.

Profile: Rodney Mullen
Jaime Owen at Zumiez 100k
Jaime Owens Photo

Jaime Owen recently joined Transworld after things blow'd up at Skateboarder Magazine.

Profile: Jaime Owens
Blair Alley at Zumiez 100k
Blair Alley Photo

Blair, sorry about that drunk tackle. I usually do that to DJ Wade. Maybe I thought you were him.

Profile: Blair Alley
Dune at Zumiez 100k
Chris Pastras Photo

We all get hooked up by the same clothing companies.

Profile: Chris Pastras
Elijah Berle at Zumiez 100k
Elijah Berle Photo

I was hoping Elijah Berle and his dad jeans he used to wear a couple years ago would catch on as a trend in skateboarding fashion. I guess it didn't stick. That could have been our first step in the direction to return to king sized pants.

Profile: Elijah Berle
Wiz Kaleefa at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

One for the Superstars column of One of Ghostface's Top 10 Softest Rappers in the Game.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Stu at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Stu from Zumiez can go on, but it will have to be the Commoners column for him. Thanks for having us out for another year and a good time, Stu.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Jim Thiebaud at Zumiez 100k
Jim Thiebaud Photo

Jim Thiebaud runs things top to bottom at Deluxe and is an early adopter of all things social media.

Profile: Jim Thiebaud
Odd Future Clancy at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Clancy and Porpe, straight to the Superstars column.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Legends Koston and Mullen at Zumiez 100k
Eric Koston Photo

I'm poaching someone's legend photo here. Eric Koston, Ray Barbee, Rodney Mullen, and Johnny Shilleref who founded Element.

Profile: Eric Koston
Another Foot Fetish at Zumiez 100k

Pause for another Foot Fetish after like five more drinks.

Wee Man at Zumiez 100k
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

We'll put Wee Man in the Superstars column on

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Danny Way and Bryan Herman at Zumiez 100k
Danny Way Photo

Danny Way and Bryan Herman, both fanning out on each other.

Profile: Danny Way
Mike Carroll and Danny Way at Zumiez 100k
Mike Carroll Photo

I'm way past Mike Carroll's BAC right now.

Profile: Mike Carroll
Rob Meronek and Danny Way at Zumiez 100k
Rob Meronek Photo

I had to step into a photo with the man of steel myself.

Profile: Rob Meronek
Curren Caples and Louie Lopez at Zumiez 100k
Curren Caples Photo

We've watched Louie Lopez and Curren Caples grow up in skateboarding, too. They've turned into amazing young men.

Profile: Curren Caples
Lizard King and David Gonzalez at Zumiez 100k
David Gonzalez Photo

Passion with another Skater of the Year in the building.

Profile: David Gonzalez
Drunk at Zumiez 100k

They're all laughing at me over some silly drunk thing I did. Not sure what it was. Ask Porpe.

Rob Meronek and Joey Badass at Zumiez 100k
Rob Meronek Photo

I wonder if Joey Bada$$ spotted me staring at him the whole night. Thanks for getting the photo, Porpe!

Profile: Rob Meronek
Hip Hop Show at Zumiez 100k

I missed a damn good hip hop performance due to stupid alcohol.

Thanks and Goodnight at Zumiez 100k
Rob Meronek Photo

And that's how my night ended. We kicked ourselves out. Thanks again, Zumiez!

Profile: Rob Meronek

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