Rob's Ramp Warming in #SHMF

Posted by Chaz Miley on Monday, January 15, 2018

Seminole Heights is a small neighborhood in Tampa with a growing backyard skateboarding scene. From the #DreamDriveway to the #BagelBowl and multiple mini-ramps, Rob Meronek is now the latest to have a skateable yard. We had a few friends over to break in the ramp on a nice Sunday afternoon in Tampa.

Clements, pivot fakie.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Sand pit time.

No dogs at the party but, I ran into this little girl on the street.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Porpe with the fakie lip.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Big Seamus was hanging out, spectator status.
Profile: Seamus Gallagher

Ford with the smile.

Clem with the kid toss.
Profile: Ryan Clements

A little chink chink from Dave.
Profile: Dave Cruz

Stiv with the FS grind.

Ollie rock to fakie from Scott.
Profile: Scott Bentley

Ollie from Dave.
Profile: Dave Cruz

Propper smith from Abdias.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

Lots of frontside grinds today. This is Andy, Rob's next door neighbor who also happens to skate. Find him in the alleyways of SHMF sessioning this flat bars that he welds himself.

Winding down.