Recap: Red Curb Rampage and DC Premiere

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, November 16, 2015

The old guys hucked themselves sideways. Then we sat down and watched the DC video. Thanks to everyone who came by for a fun Friday night session of skateboarding at The Boardr HQ.

Fronside bluntslide before everyone gets here.

A late afternoon curb session with a hurricane from Jason.
Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

Scott's got that slappy fiver.
Profile: Scott Bentley

Pause for a gear check with Nate.
Profile: Nate Ilardi aka Trap Nate

Justin rounds the corner with a slappy crook.
Profile: Justin Ryan

Big O got his slides in.
Profile: Eric Visentin aka Big O

Spanish Mike on a fakie nosegrind.
Profile: Spanish Mike

Chatter and critique from behind the fence.
Profile: Bob Freeman

Heath knows a thing or two about red curbs.
Profile: Heath Brinkley

Vern was on the mic and the board for this one.
Profile: Vern Laird

James slapped the hardest and won the damn thing.
Profile: James Craig

Bob lifts a noseslide into a crooked grind.
Profile: Bob Reynolds

Peanut gallery approves.

Congrats, James!
Profile: James Craig

Thanks DC for showing the video here.

Ryan and Heath close out the night.
Profile: Ryan Clements