Recap: Red Bull Mind the Gap 2019

We returned to the street gap at Poplar in downtown Atlanta for another Red Bull Mind the Gap this weekend.

Recap: Red Bull Mind the Gap 2019

Posted by Rob Meronek 3 years ago on December 4th, 2019
MTG 2019 - Heavy Crew.
Torey Pudwill Photo

Started the day off with a heavy crew at the gap.

Profile: Torey Pudwill
MTG 2019 - Legend.
Justin Brock Photo

Atlanta legend Justin Brock showed up to help announce!

Profile: Justin Brock
MTG 2019 - Behind the Scenes.
Bob Reynolds Photo

We had a good crew behind the scenes.

Profile: Bob Reynolds
MTG 2019 - Get In Where You Fit In.

Everyone was looking for a good seat.

MTG 2019 - Thick!

The crowd was thick.

MTG 2019 - Internet Legend.

The internet Shrimp Daddy was on the scene!

MTG 2019 - Wild.
Tyreek Morrison Photo

Tyreek with the wild catch on the front bigspin.

Profile: Tyreek Morrison
MTG 2019 - One Footer.

Little style on the one footer!

MTG 2019 - Hardflip.

Hardflip always goes down.

MTG 2019 - Big Clem.
Ryan Clements Photo

I don't get to work with Clem on a contest too often.

Profile: Ryan Clements
MTG 2019 - Front Shuv.
Tyreek Morrison Photo

Tyreek has a proper front shuv.

Profile: Tyreek Morrison
MTG 2019 - Top 3!
Anthony Ferguson Photo

Anthony Ferguson, Ty Brown, and Cobe Harmer took home the top 3 spots.

Profile: Anthony Ferguson

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