Back Up in Your Office With The Ressurection

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Boardr offices right now feel like the Red Bull offices thanks to our friends there recently dropping of cases of the energy sauce that keeps us awake at our big shared desk here. From our recent trips to LA to visit Red Bull offices, we know they've got the work environment you want to be in. Their Chicago offices, however, I think just far one upped LA. Backing up in your ass with the resurrection are Detroit locals Dustin Blauvelt and Mike Krok shredding the hallways after they went ahead and came in on the weekend. How do we get offices like that? Maybe next year. Damn good video, ya'll. Also, congrats Dustin on the new baby. That makes your pops Tom one young grandpappy! See ya'll up there in Rock City and/or Windy City one of these days soon.