Phoenix Am 2014

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, April 4, 2014

We're in Phoenix this weekend for Cowtown's Phoenix Am. They're using The Boardr Live for scoring and the live webcast on Sunday. We've got two edits, one from practice yesterday and one from the Qualifiers today. Check the full Phoenix Am Qualifiers Results here.

Derrick Wilson at Phoenix Am 2014
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Practice in the flaming sun is going down all day today. Derrick's got a 360 flip over the bump to wall as I duck back into the shade.
Profile: Derrick Wilson

Pause for a gear check with Epicly Trife and Schmitty.

Alex Midler, Jagger Eaton, and Berronte Ramirez are young shredders that already have the personalities of grown mature men. Skateboarding's mix of all ages seems to do that.
Profile: Alex Midler

I had an Austin England shirt on today that made me a few new friends from his recognizable work. Homie here has inkwork of Austin's shark. Austin did The Boardr Store icons.
Profile: Austin England

Disney is here to film a skateboard princess, or something.

I'm watching Sewa Kroetkov play a game of SKATE here. That's a hardflip with those rubber band snaps.
Profile: Sewa Kroetkov

Sewa Kroetkov and Kelly Hart catching up like we all do at the skateboard shindig.
Profile: Kelly Hart

Disney is putting future skateboard princesses on blast, too.

There's business going down on the sidelines.
Profile: Ryan Clements

We are hyped to be carrying Paul Shier's Isle stuff.
Profile: Paul Shier

That's how Lizard King rolls up.
Profile: Lizard King

Dave Duren and Frank Gerwer are running the hotel parking lot like valet, except in more of a lurk type of fashion.
Profile: Frank Gerwer

Chris McHugh Crazy No Comply
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Man, you gotta see the sequence of Chris McHugh's crazy no comply. Nice to meet you today, Chris.
Profile: Chris McHugh

Cyril Jackson Camo Switch Ollie
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Cyril Jackson - doubles down on camo and a switch ollie.
Profile: Cyril Jackson

Alana Smith Skateboarding at Phoenix Am
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Alana Smith is skating this weekend with a Disney crew here to document something about her being a ripping female skateboarder. Yep, she's ripping. This is a bluntslide with helmet required for Mickey Mouse appeal.
Profile: Alana Smith

Alana Smith Skateboarding Lipslide at Phoenix Am
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Alana Smith has a good lipslide, too. Is she the only girl in the Contest this weekend?
Profile: Alana Smith

It's so good to see a line this long for a skateboard contest. Maybe there's so many skateboarders here because of all the free and open parks?

Anthony Anaya at Phoenix Am
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Anthony Anaya runs the tucked in shirt nicely.
Profile: Anthony Anaya

It's been nice to watch Jon Sciano go from Florida local to where he's at today in skateboarding. That's a noseblunt slide.
Profile: Jon Sciano

Cowtown is one of the first places to use my skateboarding contest admin and scoring system, The Boardr Live. Matt Milligan is in charge here and running the judging show.
Profile: Matt Milligan

I first met Matt Price here in his hometown of Phoenix like 10 years ago. He recently moved back to Phoenix to be back into this day to day amazing scene they have here. Chris Nieratko is looking full AZ tourist champ.
Profile: Chris Nieratko

Daniel Espinoza is hyped to not be skating right and just kicking it like us. Congrats on turning pro.
Profile: Daniel Espinoza

Auby Taylor Pink Pants
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If anyone can get away with pink pants, it's Auby Taylor on this blunt fakie. Pink Pantser.
Profile: Auby Taylor

Dashawn Jordan Frontside Half Cab Flip
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Dashawn Jordan is looking like a college professor out here with those spectacles. Nice frontside half cab flip, too.
Profile: Dashawn Jordan

Those trophies are looking nice. Clive gave us his 6th place one to put in The Boardr offices.
Profile: Clive Dixon

The awards crowd lineup.

Andrew Cannon and Mike Sinclair hosted the webcast.
Profile: Mike Sinclair

Jagger Eaton's Shorts
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Jagger Eaton one upped Auby's pink pants with those shorts. He's got a back 270 out of this crooked grind.
Profile: Jagger Eaton

Matt Berger Backside 180 Fakie 5-0
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When you end your run with a backside 180 fakie 5-0 like Matt Berger here, you're probably going to win the damn thing.
Profile: Matt Berger

Matt Berger Sylvester Stallone BSTS
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Matt's got the old Sylvester Stallone BSTS on that thing.
Profile: Matt Berger

Micky Papa Nollie Flip 5050
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Micky Papa was in first for a while until Matt bumped him out in the third runs. That's a nollie flip backside 50-50.
Profile: Micky Papa

Before heading to the airport, we went to a small pre-fab park in Andrew Cannon's neighborhood. This kid was riding a piece of skateboard history.

Chris Haslam Frontside Flip Spine Ramp
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Did you know a frontside flip over a spine was one of the tricks on King of the Road? Chris Haslam was with us at the pre-fab park and put this amazing one down.
Profile: Chris Haslam

Joe Pelham Powerslide
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It's dusty and slippery here for HiDefJoe to be powersliding the manny pad.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Rob Meronek Meron Grab the Spine
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When there's a spine, I have to hand the camera to Joe to get my meron grab. Thanks Cowtown for having us at your contest and using our scoring system. We'll be back in AZ soon.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Adrian Hernandez Cab Pivot Backside 270
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Adrian Hernandez reminds me of Adrian Mallory. That cab pivot back 270 out is a back breaker.
Profile: Adrian Hernandez