Recap: Grind for Life Annual Awards at Presented by Marinela

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, November 19, 2018

Our last gathering of the year for the #GFLSeries Presented by Marinela was right here at The Boardr HQ where we recognized the best skaters in each Division and the Special Awards recipients that put a smile on our face or had a special story for the year. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it, especially all of you who went to 4 or more stops this year. Get the latest on this series of all ages and skills skateboarding contests at

A GFL veteran showed up to the awards. Jake has skated GFL for many years.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

High speed 5-0 over the hip looks like so much fun.
Profile: Cedric Pabich

Roman Pabich showed up for the party.
Profile: Roman Pabich

Chucky cruising over the hip.
Profile: Chucky Woodard

Some old timers showed up to the party.
Profile: Will Cox

Blaze showed up!
Profile: Blaze Helgerson

The ramp is looking good!

Off the top ropes! It's crazy that this had never been done before this night.

The crowd is growing.

Congrats Zion!
Profile: Zion Effs

Congrats Noah!
Profile: Noah Pollard

Congrats Blaze!
Profile: Blaze Helgerson

Congrats Stephen!
Profile: Stephen Mathers

Congrats Corey!
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

Congrats Rodney!
Profile: Rodney Mead

Congrats Jimmy!
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Congrats Mike and Rodney!
Profile: Mike Rogers

Congrats Jake!
Profile: Jake Yanko

Perfect Attendance!
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

Solo Traveler!
Profile: Blaze Helgerson

Congrats to Will Cox for taking home the Mike Rogers Award!!
Profile: Will Cox

Thanks to everyone that came out!!
Profile: John Dilorenzo

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