Deluxe Skateboarding Gear in Stock Now: GRANTIHERO!!

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, February 7, 2014

We'd like to welcome the Deluxe family to The Boardr Store! Thanks Krooked, Real, Anti Hero, Thunder, and Spitfire for joining us in building The Boardr Skateboard Company from the ground up! And one more thing: GRANTIHERO!!.

  • Anti Hero - Anti Hero has had some of the best ads in skateboarding since it was started out of Deluxe back in 1995 and still does today. Their team is raw as a cuss word and now Grant Taylor rides for them. Back it. We do.
  • Real - Real was started in skateboarding's golden era at a time when many pros from the big skateboard companies were flying the coop to start their own companies. Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Gurrero kicked it off after leaving the Bones Brigade and Real has been legit 'since day one', specifically, since day 1991. We're hyped to have Real in The Boardr Store.
  • Spitfire - Some of the best skateboarders in the world push on Spitfire Wheels. That first backside noseblunt on Hubba Hideout? That frontside flip AND backside flip down Wallenberg? That was Koston and Andrew Reynolds on Spitfires. Today the new generation like Nassim and Kyle Walker keep it burning and make Spitfire Wheels one of the best selling wheels not just in The Boardr Store, but in all of skateboarding.
  • Thunder - Thunder is officially our favorite truck here at The Boardr Headquarters. That turn? You notice after the first push when you try them out. Get on Thunders and it's going to be the last truck decision you ever make.
  • Krooked - Mark Gonzales started Krooked Skateboards inside the Deluxe family and has done most of the amazing graphics work for the company since. Mark also recently signed on with Excel Management, The Boardr's sister company that helps pros manage their careers. It's pretty amazing being the biggest fans of Mark Gonazles all our lives and now getting to work with him. Now it comes full circle where we're carrying his company in The Boardr Store.