Recap: Best Trick at The Boardr HQ Presented by Marinela

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, November 19, 2018

The last event of the year just went down at The Boardr Headquarters, where $2,000 was doled out for stunts going down on a new gap to box obstacle that was unveiled a minute before the contest actually started.

We kept the best trick obstacle under wraps for as long as we could and now it's time to bring it out!

I don't think anyone had any idea this was going down.

The Body letting everyone know how things are going to work.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Felipe Nunes starting things off with an ollie.
Profile: Felipe Nunes

It was good to see a classic pop shuv go down.

Chris Blake with the ollie nose manual.
Profile: Chris Blake

Josh Douglas with the nollie flip.
Profile: Josh Douglas

Young Zion hopped in on the fun.
Profile: Zion Effs

I wasn't expecting to see nollie inward heel go down.
Profile: Jorge Simoes

Gabriel with the proper switch pop shuv.
Profile: Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr

I'm not 100% sure if this was landed, but it still deserves the coverage.
Profile: Chris Blake

Chris Colbourn going the wrong way.
Profile: Chris Colbourn

Brazil Goes WILD!

Thanks to all the dudes from Brazil for keeping it live all weekend!

Casey found some time to shotgun a beer in the middle of everything.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Drake Johnson took home 3rd with a switch frontside bigspin and switch varial heel.
Profile: Drake Johnson

John Dilorenzo took home 2nd with a few tricks under his belt. Frontside flip, switch flip, and switch manny.
Profile: John Dilorenzo

Pablo Cavalari took home 1st with a gnarly Switch 360 flip and hard flip.
Profile: Pablo Cavalari