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Foundation "Oddity" Video Showing

February 17, 2017, Tampa, Florida

We're showing the Foundation "Oddity" video at 7pm. Doors open at noon as usual for free skating all the way through the end of the video. Full Details

Welcome "Fetish" Video Premiere

January 20, 2017, Tampa, Florida

We're showing Welcome's "Fetish" video at 7pm after an all day free and open session here at HQ. Full Details

Storage Space, A Mark Gonzales Art Installation Presented by adidas

March 4, 2016, Tampa, Florida

This Gonz project is one of our most exciting projects of 2016. We hope to see you here for an interesting night of skateboarding history and work from one of the best minds of our time. Full Details

DC Shoes Presents De la Calle/De Rua Premiere at The Boardr HQ

November 13, 2015, Tampa, Florida

DC will be doing a premiere of De la Calle/De Rua at 8pm. Full Details

Salon Des refuses Video Premiere

September 4, 2015, Tampa, Florida

The title is pertaining to the original art exhibition in 1863, a presentation of works that had been rejected by the official Paris Salon. Full Details

Jive Video Premiere at The Boardr HQ

August 28, 2015, Tampa, Florida

Marshall Nicholson's video project with Jimmy Lannon, James Coleman, and Josh Miller is complete and we're showing it on the big screen at The Boardr HQ. Full Details

Jive Video Premiere at The Boardr Gainesville

August 26, 2015, Gainesville, Florida

Marshall Nicholson's video project with Jimmy Lannon, James Coleman, and Josh Miller is complete and we're showing it on the big screen at The Boardr HQ. Full Details

Video Premieres: Headcleaner and Volunteers at The Boardr Gainesville

June 25, 2015, Gainesville, Florida

Join us at 8pm at the Store for the pregame PBR downing with the video showing at 10pm at Boca Fiesta. Full Details

Theories of Atlantis Escape From New York Tour at The Boardr HQ with an Open House Free Skate Session

December 29, 2014, Tampa, Florida

Join the Theories crew at The Boardr HQ on Monday at 5pm where we'll have another open house and free skating. Full Details

Dekline Premiere of True Blue at 9pm

December 5, 2014, Tampa, Florida

We're showing the new Dekline video, True Blue at 9pm here at The Boardr Headquarters. Prior to that, you're welcome to skate the TF and watch BINGO at The Boardr, the industry Game of SKATE at 7pm. Full Details

Plan B True Video Premiere

December 1, 2014, Tampa, Florida

We're opening the bay doors at 6pm for a session, then showing the video at 7pm. All of True is going to be mind-blowing, but you know we can't wait to see The Boardr Team Rider Felipe Gustavo's part! Full Details

Bikes, BBQ, and Movie Premiere

November 13, 2014, Tampa, Florida

We're firing up the grill and the bikes at The Boardr, then heading over to Muvico Ybor to watch On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter film. Ride your bike to The Boardr and join us for the session prior. Full Details

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