Mano a Mano: A Woodward Mini-Ramp Game of SKATE

Mano a Mano: A Woodward Mini-Ramp Game of SKATE

March 15, 2016

Tehachapi, California

This Event Has Passed

This event is not open to a public, but you'll be able to get the recaps on Woodward's YouTube channel. This private session is a mini-ramp game of SKATE with some of your favorite pros invited by Woodward.


Woodward West, 28400 Stallion Springs Drive, Tehachapi, California


  • First round (8) @ $150 = $1,200
  • 2nd round (4) @ $400 = $1,600
  • 3rd round (2) @ $600- $1,200
  • 4th round (1) @ $1000 = $1,000
  • Winner (1) @$2,000 = $2,000
  • Total = $7,000


Monday, March 14: Arrive at Woodward
  • 12pm: Arrival
    • Open session at Woodward
    • Check-in at front office
    • Register for the Contest at the Hangar
  • 7pm: Riders' Meeting at Mini-Ramp at the Hangar
    • Pizza and a fun practice session
    • Practice Games of SKATE
  • 8pm: Bar in The Lodge opens
Tuesday, March 15: Games of SKATE
  • 9am: Breakfast at the Cafeteria
  • 11am: Check-in and Practice
  • 12pm: Lunch at the Cafeteria
  • 1pm: Contest
  • 6pm: Dinner at the Cafeteria
  • 8pm: Bar in The Lodge opens


  • Roshambo to determine who goes first
  • Names drawn from a hat will create initial match-ups
  • Offense will alternate regardless of make or bail
  • Make, bail, or re-do is at the discretion of the head judge
  • Last letter gets two attempts

The Ramp

Woodward West Mini-Ramp Game of SKATE

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