Thanks Dennis for ripping all weekend in this southern heat wave.
Jake Donnelly Frontside Flips at adidas Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Jake Donnelly was here with the adidas crew, too. He's got a damn good frontside flip.
Dennis Busenitz Frontside Flips at adidas Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
One of the best things about the weekend was watching Dennis skate.
Jack Fardell Smith Grind at adidas Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Jack Fardell is new to the adidas squad and on his first trip with them. Nice addition from down under.
Chewy Cannon is definitely not used to this wet heat in the south.
Justin Brock at adidas Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Justin Brock was the local tour guide for ATL skate missions. That's how you hang on to a lipslide at the end.
The pharmacy down the street sells skateboards. Not the same as the Pharmacy Skate Shop in Vegas that we know.
We're on site before the sun to get set up since we had to start early because of rain. The 6am workday to throw a nice skateboard shindig begins.
It's pretty erie in the mornings with no light here.
The day breaks, the fog starts to lift, the course begins to try up, and we all can start to roll now.
Mandatory artsy filmer photo.
Jeremiah Babb, welcome to The Boardr judging staff and thanks for the help this weekend. Stephen Mullen from Girl Distribution was our other judge along with Jason Rothmeyer as the lead.
Hazard County's Jona Owings cooked it up southern style for everyone, including his son.
adidas was there giving out shoes to everyone as usual. I hope you came up.
Bo Mitchell and his crew weren't skating in it this weekend, so their hashtag was #LifestyleCopa instead of Skate Copa. I like that lifestyle. Thanks for coming to another one of The Boardr events, Bo.
John Montesi, thanks for bringing the Westside crew.
A Skate Copa jersey for a dog day afternoon in the park.
Dylan Perry and Atlanta hip hop artist, the homie Reese.
I really hate paper and printing things. I wish we could have a monitor to display the live data from our scoring system, The Boardr Live, at every event. adidas requested a screen for the audience at this one so I coded up something that pushed instant results to the screen here on site. You can easily see where your team is at in the Brackets with a ticker of individual scores across the bottom. Gitter digitally dunnnn.
The Benihana is such a crowd pleaser that boils the blood of the harsh skateboard critic. It's always a good time and topic of discussion when someone brings one out, though.
Kwesi logging his score from the leaderboard. We'll get that bigspin front board sequence next time, Kwesi. We got rained out on that one.
Bobby Boyd is the adidas rep for the Southeast that we worked with to get all the shops together. I wonder what he's thinking while looking at the leaderboard? I'm sure it's something raw, definitely directly to the point, with no bullpoop, just as everything Bobby says is. He says what he thinks.
I'm sure the adidas crew saw a bunch of longing stares for gear like this all day.
Matt Sharer has a nice backside nosegrind from the quarter into the bank.
Pause for a gear check.
Eli Williams at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Eli Williams with the Hazard crew has a frontside noseblunt slide.
Chad Poore KFFSBS at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Chad Poore got first overall in the individual Qualifiers results. He killed it all day. This kickflip front board on the big rail is just a sample.
Chad Poore Front Blunt Kickflip at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Chad Poore got $50 in the open Best Trick for this frontside bluntslide backside flip out. Best Trick at all the Skate Copa stops is open to anyone who wants to skate.
James Cobb Fakie Flip at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Hammers like James Cobb's fakie flip got Skatepark of Tampa to the Final round where they won it.
Dalton Oklesson Late Shuvit at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
It's weird seeing an early 90's trick being done on such a big drop. Dalton Oklesson with a late shuv it.
Markus FSNG at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Markus Jalaber is another reason the SPoT team did so solid all the way through.
Markus Hardflip at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Markus Jalaber's hardflip during Best Trick.
Fingerflip Boneless at Skate Copa Atlanta
Click to Load Sequence!
Yep, anyone can skate the Best Trick. Sethtafari provided ample entertainment with repeated attempts at this fingerflip boneless.
Thanks to the Mayor for stopping by. They did it so damn right at this park. Free, no pads, lit up, and something to skate for everyone from little kids, to ripping teens, to grown ass men 50 years or older. That's not an easy thing to accomplish in skateboarding, especially if you don't know skateboarding. It involves trusting the experts and listening to the right skateboarders. Listen to the wrong skateboarders and you end up with a historically preserved monument of straight up outdated, useless, doo doo skateboarding like Tampa's downtown. Makes me wanna puke.
Body and Tim O'Connor entertained all day on the mic.
This desert dawg is the lensman that made the edit for you, HiDefJoe. He's spending an extra day in Atlanta to hit the streets with the adidas crew to get a more in depth edit from the weekend that will be on The Berrics site.
Uncle Sam is going to backside 180 out of this front feeble.
At each stop, we give out a few special awards based on the most memorable or entertaining characters. Chris Scoggins got the Best Shop Owner for killing it out there at nearly 40 years old.
Daniel Hare's bag of tricks is pretty insane with some unique and creative ones in there. He gets the Mixed Bag of Tricks Award and $250.
Pete Kelly's daughter recently had a kid, making him a ripping skateboarding grandfather and recipient of the Best Grandfather Award.
Jona and the Hazard crew got 3rd place overall.
It really looked like Plus was going to win it based on the scores they were getting in the brackets leading up to the last match, but they lost a little steam and Skatepark of Tampa ended up on top. Congrats ya'll.
It was nice to just kick it after the Contest where we successfully avoided the rain by starting early.
It was also nice to see a big session by the crowd after the Contest ended. Thanks for coming and watching, everyone.
The best dressed photographer of the weekend was this guy. I wonder what his coverage looks like?
Alec Majerus at adidas Skate Copa
Click to Load Sequence!
Alec's birthday was today!
Anthony Williams at adidas Skate Copa
Click to Load Sequence!
It's nice to see Anthony Williams every time we're in Atlanta. Nice nollie back heel.

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