On The Boardr with Clint Walker: Shoe Sponsors, Herpes, X Games Real Street

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HiDefJoe caught up with Clint Walker while we were recently in Las Vegas for a new episode of On The Boardr with Clint. Who ignored Clint's sponsor me tape? Why can't Clint get a shoe sponsor? Who is Jock and why does Clint hate him? He started filming for his X Games Real Street part just four months ago and discusses all that and more. It's a nice view into Clint's personality, too. Hey sketchy skateboard industry, let's get some shoes on this dude!

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Jason Chapman invited us up to Baltimore to check out his skate park and scene that he's been part of since 1994 when Charm City Skatepark started. The park's second home in that time is now in an old paintball warehouse. It's huge, has a vert ramp, and more wood than a forest. Today, Jason ran his Maryland Am Contest that we helped run with The Boardr Live, our scoring app that we run our events with. Baltimore is an interesting city with some good skateboarding. We should make it part of our long term plans. More on that later. As usual, my story is in the photos below.

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Switch big flip down that Shanghai double set? Frontside flip switch manual switch backside biggie out? Holy crap, Brian is destroying those amazing China spots in his Something Sinister part from a while back. How did I miss this one? That opening line alone will drop your jaw on the marble.

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Hard Luck Mfg is Jason Jessee's company. Just by his stuff being in The Boardr Store, we feel that much more legit. Recognize the artwork in the logo? Mark Gonzales drew it for Jason and said he should start a company with it. If Gonz drew me anything, I'd start a company with it even if he said not to!

Brett Margaritis, and Australian pro, started Modus Bearings in 2003. Check this team out: Grant Taylor, John Rattray, Andrew Brophy, Dane Burman, Cale Nuske, Josh Pall, Sammy Winter, Nick Boserio, Chewy Cannon. Amazing! And now The Boardr Store is on the retail team. Thanks, Brett, for having Modus in our store.

What if a bangin' grip tape company like Mob made a video? It would only need to be one trick per rider to be full length and it would be off the charts. Your favorite pros from Kenny Anderson to Daewon Song to Jamie Thomas rep Mob as you can find on the back cover every month in your favorite magazines. Keep your feet on board with some of the best sticky sandpaper out there.

Stereo was started in 1992 by Chris Pastras aka Dune and Jason Lee in the the golden era of skateboarding every verteran loves, the early 90's. We've known Chris since then and have spent most of our recent years working with him at various am and pro contests. We're proud to represent Stereo in The Boardr Store as we've been both friends and fans of Jason and Chris since we started skateboarding.

Polar is based in Malmo, Sweden headed up by Pontus Alv, with one of their newest pros being NYC's Aaron Herrington. I gotta admin, I had to Google the word Zawisza and still couldn't figure out what it is. I do know Pontus, Aaron, and the rest of their squad are killing it on the wood, though. They're also some of the best graphics on our deck wall right now.
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