On The Boardr with Clint Walker: Shoe Sponsors, Herpes, X Games Real Street

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HiDefJoe caught up with Clint Walker while we were recently in Las Vegas for a new episode of On The Boardr with Clint. Who ignored Clint's sponsor me tape? Why can't Clint get a shoe sponsor? Who is Jock and why does Clint hate him? He started filming for his X Games Real Street part just four months ago and discusses all that and more. It's a nice view into Clint's personality, too. Hey sketchy skateboard industry, let's get some shoes on this dude!

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Jason Chapman invited us up to Baltimore to check out his skate park and scene that he's been part of since 1994 when Charm City Skatepark started. The park's second home in that time is now in an old paintball warehouse. It's huge, has a vert ramp, and more wood than a forest. Today, Jason ran his Maryland Am Contest that we helped run with The Boardr Live, our scoring app that we run our events with. Baltimore is an interesting city with some good skateboarding. We should make it part of our long term plans. More on that later. As usual, my story is in the photos below.

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Switch big flip down that Shanghai double set? Frontside flip switch manual switch backside biggie out? Holy crap, Brian is destroying those amazing China spots in his Something Sinister part from a while back. How did I miss this one? That opening line alone will drop your jaw on the marble.

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Penny is the OG in cruiser boards and with more and more people skateboarding for transportation, they're on top of the cruiser world right now. We ride these to lunch!

Palace comes out of London with VHS cameras and the 90's nostalgia to go along with it. How can you keep it that raw while Rihanna wears your brand? Palace does.

Some of us here at The Boardr have been skating long enough to remember when Plan B was started back in 1991 after Mike Ternasky parted ways with H-Street, the then current coolest company of the day. Lots of things changed skateboarding since then, but when that Questionable video dropped, we all knew skateboarding was changed forever with that video putting the biggest dent in it. Plan B had the super crew back then and returns today with another super crew with dudes like Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, the new guy Chris Joslin, and The Boardr's own team rider, Felipe Gustavo. Is True going to put the same dent in skateboarding over 20 years later? We'll see when it comes out later this year. From the looks of it and anticipation, it just might.

Sister company of Baker Skateboards, I think everyone on the team from Greco to Ellington probably has the Deathwish logo inked on them. Even Lil Wayne has it on his face.

Birdhouse needs no introduction. It's Tony Hawk's aka Birdman's wood production. Tony and the team are killing it out there as usual both in the streets and at some of our favorite skateboarding events we've been lucky enough to attend. Did you see Ben at the Van Doren Invitational in Vancouver this year? He blasted around that bowl like a rocket. Then to top it off with his unique and off the charts bag of tricks, he did a coffin to 50-50 into the deep end of the bowl! We're hyped to have Ben's Birdhouse deck in along with Clint Walker, Jaws, David Loy, and more, including, of course, Tony Hawk's boards.
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