TWS Cut at CA Training Facility Qualifiers – San Diego

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Jams List

Jam 1

Isaiah Johnson Profile Isaiah Johnson
Vancouver British Columbia, Age 30
Logan Kirshak Profile Logan Kirshak
Manhattan Beach CA, Age 13
Pedro DeOliveira Profile Pedro DeOliveira
Brazil, Age 27

Jam 2

Julian Jeang-Agliardi Profile Julian Jeang-Agliardi
Long Beach CA, Age 9
Quentin Jeang-Agliardi Profile Quentin Jeang-Agliardi
Long Beach CA, Age 7
Reagan Chandler Profile Reagan Chandler
Encinitas California, Age 11

Jam 3

Edgard Lima Profile Edgard Lima
Cianorte Brazil, Age 24
Josh Sigmon Profile Josh Sigmon
Long Beach CA, Age 24
Ray Corey Profile Ray Corey
Huntington Beach California, Age 20

Jam 4

Brian Paul Profile Brian Paul
South Central CA, Age 20
Matthew Parra Profile Matthew Parra
Orange CA, Age 17
Ty Tarzetti Profile Ty Tarzetti
New Orleans LA, Age 21

Jam 5

Andrew Powers Profile Andrew Powers
Dallas TX, Age 18
Benji Miller Profile Benji Miller
San Diego CA
Kris Howard Profile Kris Howard
Compton California, Age 24

Jam 6

Antoine Page Profile Antoine Page
Murrieta California, Age 27
Austin Turgon Profile Austin Turgon
San Antonio TX, Age 16
Terrry Silasack Profile Terrry Silasack
Stockton California, Age 31

Jam 7

Evrit Lunetta Profile Evrit Lunetta
Oceanside California, Age 19
Jt Silverstein Profile Jt Silverstein
San Diego CA, Age 15
Koby Dvorak Profile Koby Dvorak
Encinitas CA, Age 20

Jam 8

Bobby Lunetta Profile Bobby Lunetta
Marysville Washington, Age 21
Keanu Brown Profile Keanu Brown
Asheville NC, Age 23
Tory Grant Profile Tory Grant
Los Angeles CA, Age 25

Jam 9

Deng Tear Profile Deng Tear
Kearns UT, Age 18
Eric Valladares Profile Eric Valladares
Richmond VA, Age 24
Erik Herrera Profile Erik Herrera
Los Angeles California, Age 21

Jam 10

Brennan Scott Profile Brennan Scott
Carlsbad CA, Age 17
Josh Briggs Profile Josh Briggs
Murrieta California, Age 28
Matthew Horne Profile Matthew Horne
Hampton VA, Age 21

Jam 11

Darren Feather Profile Darren Feather
Carlsbad CA, Age 24
Donny Brodie Profile Donny Brodie
Valley Center CA, Age 13
Gabe Girley Profile Gabe Girley
Carslbad CA, Age 19

Jam 12

Daniel Yeager Profile Daniel Yeager
Guthrie OK, Age 26
Gregory Harris Profile Gregory Harris
Colorado Springs Colorado, Age 28
Kanaan Dern Profile Kanaan Dern
Orlando FL, Age 24

Jam 13

Cordano Russell Profile Cordano Russell
San Diego CA, Age 15
Vinh Banh Profile Vinh Banh
Wichita Kansas, Age 27
Zach Doelling Profile Zach Doelling
Kansas City MO, Age 26

Jam 14

Angel Gutierrez Profile Angel Gutierrez
Encinitas CA, Age 22
Phillip Ceja Profile Phillip Ceja
Cerritos CA, Age 29
Will Ocean Moye Profile Will Ocean Moye
San Diego CA, Age 17

Jam 15

Branden Reynolds Profile Branden Reynolds
San Diego CA, Age 20
Christopher Angeles Profile Christopher Angeles
Los Angeles California, Age 31
David Evans Profile David Evans
San Diego CA, Age 19

Jam 16

Ashanti Maurice Profile Ashanti Maurice
Howell TWP NJ, Age 24
Jimmy Bueno Profile Jimmy Bueno
North Hollywood CA, Age 21
Ryan Bojorquez Profile Ryan Bojorquez
Burbank CA, Age 22

Jam 17

Chris Howard 2 Profile Chris Howard 2
North Hollywood CA, Age 22
JC Criscuolo Profile JC Criscuolo
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age 25
Tyler Galvan Profile Tyler Galvan
Brawley CA, Age 26

Jam 18

Jam 19

Last Jam Scored: Jam 17

Next Jam Up: Jam 18 Last jam finalized. Waiting on judges new scores...

Jam 17 Scores

1: Tyler Galvan, 87.61
2: JC Criscuolo, 82.45
3: Chris Howard 2, 0.00

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 51
Goofy: 23 (45.10 %)
Regular: 26 (50.98 %)
Unknown: 2

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (48)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Brazil

Brazil (3)