TWS Cut at Los Angeles - Sheldon Skatepark

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Jams List

Jam 1

Brian Paul Profile Brian Paul
South Central CA, Age 20
Logan Kirshak Profile Logan Kirshak
Manhattan Beach CA, Age 13
Yolo Barragan Profile Yolo Barragan
Pacoima California, Age 20

Jam 2

Johnny Mercado Profile Johnny Mercado
Montebella CA, Age 22
Josh Sigmon Profile Josh Sigmon
Long Beach CA, Age 24

Jam 3

Cordano Russell Profile Cordano Russell
San Diego CA, Age 15
Kaya Isa Profile Kaya Isa
Kanagawa Japan, Age 18
Will Ocean Moye Profile Will Ocean Moye
San Diego CA, Age 17

Jam 4

Bradly Zavala Profile Bradly Zavala
Los Angeles CA, Age 19
Julian Jeang-Agliardi Profile Julian Jeang-Agliardi
Long Beach CA, Age 9
Quentin Jeang-Agliardi Profile Quentin Jeang-Agliardi
Long Beach CA, Age 7

Jam 5

Eric Valladares Profile Eric Valladares
Richmond VA, Age 24
Matthew Horne Profile Matthew Horne
Hampton VA, Age 21
Maurice Jordan Profile Maurice Jordan
Los Angeles CA, Age 22

Jam 6

Branden Reynolds Profile Branden Reynolds
San Diego CA, Age 20
Terrry Silasack Profile Terrry Silasack
Stockton California, Age 31
Victor Castillo Profile Victor Castillo
West Covina CA, Age 28

Jam 7

Brian Teague Profile Brian Teague
Long Beach CA, Age 30
Iago Carrasco Profile Iago Carrasco
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age 23

Jam 8

Elijah Duran Profile Elijah Duran
Albuquerque NM, Age 23
Malik Sieczko Profile Malik Sieczko
San Jose CA, Age 23
Mark Ortega Profile Mark Ortega
Sacramento CA, Age 19

Jam 9

Daniel Yeager Profile Daniel Yeager
Guthrie OK, Age 26
Deng Tear Profile Deng Tear
Kearns UT, Age 18
Martin Garcia Profile Martin Garcia
Porterville CA, Age 22

Jam 10

Andrey Tarasov Profile Andrey Tarasov
Moscow Russia, Age 22
D'enadre Abrego Profile D'enadre Abrego
Cheverly MD, Age 24
Erik Herrera Profile Erik Herrera
Los Angeles California, Age 21

Jam 11

Chris Howard 2 Profile Chris Howard 2
North Hollywood CA, Age 22
Jimmy Bueno Profile Jimmy Bueno
North Hollywood CA, Age 21
Ryan Bojorquez Profile Ryan Bojorquez
Burbank CA, Age 22

Jam 12

Reggie Johnson Profile Reggie Johnson
Palmdale CA, Age 22
Travyn Spurlock Profile Travyn Spurlock
Merced CA, Age 26
Victor Brooks Profile Victor Brooks
West Covina CA, Age 26

Jam 13

Angel Gutierrez Profile Angel Gutierrez
Encinitas CA, Age 22
Phillip Ceja Profile Phillip Ceja
Cerritos CA, Age 29
Tory Grant Profile Tory Grant
Los Angeles CA, Age 25

Jam 14

Darren Feather Profile Darren Feather
Carlsbad CA, Age 24
Laym Bondoc Profile Laym Bondoc
Winnetka CA, Age 24
Ruben Castillo Profile Ruben Castillo
Visalia CA, Age 22

Jam 15

Franky Cardenas Profile Franky Cardenas
Farmersville CA, Age 18
Jose Hernandez Profile Jose Hernandez
Tulare CA, Age 18
Keaton Schneider Profile Keaton Schneider
North Shore Kauai HI, Age 23

Jam 16

Ashanti Maurice Profile Ashanti Maurice
Howell TWP NJ, Age 24
Gerson Guzman Profile Gerson Guzman
Pacoima CA, Age 24
Jonathan Diaz Profile Jonathan Diaz
Simi Valley CA, Age 19

Jam 17

David Mitchell Profile David Mitchell
Arlington Texas, Age 15
DJ Xboyfriend Profile DJ Xboyfriend
Lakewood California, Age 30
Edward Garcia Profile Edward Garcia
Paramount CA, Age 32
Eric Clark Profile Eric Clark
GIlbert AZ, Age 24
Jesse Ruggles Profile Jesse Ruggles
Sunland California, Age 29
Jonas Harris Profile Jonas Harris
Franklin Louisiana, Age 29
Josue Martinez Profile Josue Martinez
Anaheim California, Age 18
Kristion Jordan Profile Kristion Jordan
Pasadena CA, Age 11
Lee Loughridge Profile Lee Loughridge
Savanna GA, Age 26
Marcos Ramos Profile Marcos Ramos
Novo Hamburgo Brazil, Age 23
Matthew Parra Profile Matthew Parra
Orange CA, Age 17
Moises Crespo Profile Moises Crespo
Los Angeles CA, Age 18
Pedro DeOliveira Profile Pedro DeOliveira
Brazil, Age 27
Sevin Franklin Profile Sevin Franklin
Tujunga California, Age 23
Shawn Weaver Profile Shawn Weaver
Los Angeles CA, Age 26
Steve Hurley Profile Steve Hurley
Naperville IL, Age 28
Tanner Lawler Profile Tanner Lawler
Long Beach CA, Age 24

Jam 18

Alef Oliveira Profile Alef Oliveira
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age 22
Edgard Lima Profile Edgard Lima
Cianorte Brazil, Age 24
Josh Martinez Profile Josh Martinez
Sun Valley CA, Age 16

Last Jam Scored: Jam 18

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 18 Scores

1: Edgard Lima, 84.38
2: Alef Oliveira, 80.16
3: Josh Martinez, 67.51

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 66
Goofy: 33 (50.00 %)
Regular: 31 (46.97 %)
Unknown: 2

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (59)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Brazil

Brazil (5)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Japan

Japan (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Russian Federation

Russian Federation (1)