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Jams List

Jam 1

Bailey Seager Profile Bailey Seager
Hamilton Ontario, Age 18
Jiro Platt Profile Jiro Platt
New York NY, Age 13
Ryan Connors Profile Ryan Connors
Claremont CA, Age 20

Jam 2

Fane Smeall Profile Fane Smeall
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Age 19
Tom Nelner Profile Tom Nelner
Calgary Canada, Age 23
William Phelan Profile William Phelan
St-Bruno CA, Age 18

Jam 3

Cody Cormier Profile Cody Cormier
Montreal Quebec, Age 25
Will Mazzari Profile Will Mazzari
Boston MA, Age 21

Jam 4

Carter Wood Profile Carter Wood
Houston TX, Age 21
Etienne Dumais Profile Etienne Dumais
Montreal Quebec, Age 27
Mikey Ray Profile Mikey Ray
Delta British Columbia, Age 23

Jam 5

Dylan Campbell Profile Dylan Campbell
Ottawa Canada, Age 21
Erik Penton Profile Erik Penton
Winnipeg , Age 18
John Purcell Profile John Purcell
Lunenburg Novascotia, Age 23

Jam 6

Tyler Holm Profile Tyler Holm
Vancouver British Columbia, Age 29
Tyler Hunger Profile Tyler Hunger
Sarasota FL, Age 19
Vince Baldo Profile Vince Baldo
Dollars Des Ormeaux Canada, Age 30

Jam 7

Brian O'Dwyer Profile Brian O'Dwyer
Westfield NJ, Age 20
Gab Lalande Profile Gab Lalande
Montreal Canada, Age 31
Gage Boyle Profile Gage Boyle
Simi Valley CA, Age 21

Jam 8

Alexis Lacroix Profile Alexis Lacroix
Montreal Canada, Age 28
Ben Paterson Profile Ben Paterson
Toronto Canada, Age 25
Pat Tremblay Profile Pat Tremblay
Montreal Saint-Hubert, Age 30

Jam 9

Andy Anderson Profile Andy Anderson
White Rock Canada, Age 23
Greyson Beal Profile Greyson Beal
Kennesaw GA, Age 19
Simon Karlsson Profile Simon Karlsson
Stockholm Sweden, Age 24

Jam 10

Christian Dufrene Profile Christian Dufrene
Lafayette LA, Age 21
Lucas Rabelo Profile Lucas Rabelo
Fortarleza Ceara CE, Age 20
Pierre-Yves Frappier aka PIF Profile Pierre-Yves Frappier aka PIF
Québec City Quebec, Age 37

Jam 11

Brandon Johnson Profile Brandon Johnson
Bronx NY, Age 22
Matheus de Souza Profile Matheus de Souza
Sao Paulo BRAZIL, Age 23
Tyler Peterson Profile Tyler Peterson
St. Louis MI, Age 21

Jam 12

Kirk Roach Profile Kirk Roach
Toronto Ontario, Age 21
Shane Short Profile Shane Short
Gilbert AZ, Age 20
Tyson Bowerbank Profile Tyson Bowerbank
Salt Lake UT, Age 24

Jam 13

Jake Ilardi Profile Jake Ilardi
Sarasota FL, Age 22
Jayden Bono Profile Jayden Bono
Toronto Ontario, Age 21

Jam 14

John Dilorenzo Profile John Dilorenzo
Jupiter FL, Age 25
JS Lapierre Profile JS Lapierre
Montreal CANADA, Age 27

Last Jam Scored: Jam 14

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 14 Scores

1: JS Lapierre, 89.44
2: John Dilorenzo, 81.45

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Goofy: 21 (53.85 %)
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