The Boardr Am at San Diego Qualifiers

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Jams List

Jam 1

Austin Heilman Profile Austin Heilman
Huntington Beach CA, Age 20
Skyler King Profile Skyler King
Horn Lake MS, Age 21
Terrill Jefferson Profile Terrill Jefferson
New Orleans LA, Age 22

Jam 2

Austin Salzman Profile Austin Salzman
Apache Junction AZ, Age 19
Logan Kirshak Profile Logan Kirshak
Manhattan Beach CA, Age 12
Nobacel Villalobos Profile Nobacel Villalobos
Guadalajara Jalisco, Age 11

Jam 3

Chris Dewitt Profile Chris Dewitt
Colorado Springs CO, Age 21
Erik Herrera Profile Erik Herrera
Los Angeles CA, Age 21
Matthew Horne Profile Matthew Horne
Hampton VA, Age 21

Jam 4

Christian Dufrene Profile Christian Dufrene
Lafayette LA, Age 21
Cordano Russell Profile Cordano Russell
San Diego CA, Age 14
Isaiah Harris Profile Isaiah Harris
Las Vegas NV, Age 23

Jam 5

Donny Brodie Profile Donny Brodie
Valley Center CA, Age 13
Gage Boyle Profile Gage Boyle
Simi Valley CA, Age 21
Jonathan Seiberling Profile Jonathan Seiberling
Upland CA, Age 18

Jam 6

Daymein Hertenstein Profile Daymein Hertenstein
Valley Center CA, Age 19
Matt Beaton Profile Matt Beaton
Sacramento CA, Age 22

Jam 7

Bryant Dunkel Profile Bryant Dunkel
Las Vegas NV, Age 22
Jt Silverstein Profile Jt Silverstein
San Diego CA, Age 14
Lazer Crawford Profile Lazer Crawford
Glendale AZ, Age 13

Jam 8

Devin Davis Profile Devin Davis
Las Vegas NV, Age 23
Eamon Samojla Profile Eamon Samojla
Long Beach CA, Age 21
Rahn Handcox Profile Rahn Handcox
San Diego CA, Age 23

Jam 9

Alex Lobasyuk Profile Alex Lobasyuk
Portland OR, Age 18
Isaac Santana Profile Isaac Santana
Oceanside CA, Age 21
Will Ocean Moye Profile Will Ocean Moye
San Diego CA, Age 17

Jam 10

Alan Garcia Profile Alan Garcia
Gilroy CA, Age 19
Drake Elliott Profile Drake Elliott
Moreno Valley CA, Age 26
Mike Piwowar Profile Mike Piwowar
Chicago IL, Age 29

Jam 11

Greyson Beal Profile Greyson Beal
Kennesaw GA, Age 19
Jakob Beaver Profile Jakob Beaver
Northbranch MN, Age 14
Julian Christianson Profile Julian Christianson
Denver CO, Age 30

Jam 12

Daniel Yeager Profile Daniel Yeager
Guthrie OK, Age 26
Jarrad Nelson Profile Jarrad Nelson
Mesa AZ, Age 27
Mateo Rael Profile Mateo Rael
San Clemente CA, Age 20

Jam 13

Chase Barney Profile Chase Barney
La Mesa CA, Age 21
Devin Bagnoli Profile Devin Bagnoli
Daytona FL, Age 23
Ty Tarzetti Profile Ty Tarzetti
New Orleans LA, Age 21

Jam 14

Giovanni Vianna Profile Giovanni Vianna
Santo Andre SP, BRAZIL, Age 18
Jalen Willis Profile Jalen Willis
Lorain OH, Age 22
Kai Franz Profile Kai Franz
Dana Point CA, Age 22

Jam 15

Branden Reynolds Profile Branden Reynolds
San Diego CA, Age 20
Donny Hixson Profile Donny Hixson
Long Beach CA, Age 27
Robby Hargreaves Profile Robby Hargreaves
Solvang CA, Age 31

Jam 16

Jake Braun Profile Jake Braun
St. Cloud MN, Age 20
Kwami Adzitso Profile Kwami Adzitso
Kearns UT, Age 25
Marcos Montoya Profile Marcos Montoya
Fort Lauderdale FL, Age 18

Jam 17

Darius Jackson aka Woogie Profile Darius Jackson aka Woogie
San Diego CA, Age 23
Edgar Hawkins Profile Edgar Hawkins
San Diego CA, Age 46
Malik Jones Profile Malik Jones
Lakeville MN, Age 25

Jam 18

Alejandro Jaramillo Profile Alejandro Jaramillo
Colorado Springs CO, Age 20
Deng Tear Profile Deng Tear
Kearns UT, Age 18

Jam 19

Jam 20

Last Jam Scored: Jam 18

Next Jam Up: Jam 19 Last jam finalized. Waiting on judges new scores...

Jam 18 Scores

1: Deng Tear, 71.09

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 52
Goofy: 22 (42.31 %)
Regular: 30 (57.69 %)
Unknown: 0

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (50)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Brazil

Brazil (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Mexico

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