Fast Times Best Foot Forward 2019- Riverslide VIC- Qualifier

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Jams List

Jam 1

Mitchell Barnes Profile Mitchell Barnes
Melbourne VIC, Age 17
Oscar Forbes Profile Oscar Forbes
Myers Flat Victoria, Age 11
Paddy McEvoy Profile Paddy McEvoy
Brunswick West VIC, Age 22

Jam 2

Ben Whitehead Profile Ben Whitehead
Melbourne VIC, Age 15
Mitch Hughan Profile Mitch Hughan
Kew VIC, Age 19
Tai Wepa Profile Tai Wepa
Haystings , Age 19

Jam 3

Ben Currie Profile Ben Currie
Melbourne , Age 24
Ian Payano Profile Ian Payano
Melbourne Victoria, Age 16
Mitch Morrison Profile Mitch Morrison
Redland Bay QLD, Age 25

Jam 4

James Oconnell Profile James Oconnell
Kain Gilgen Profile Kain Gilgen
Melbourne Victoria, Age 27
William Moulton Profile William Moulton
Melbourne Victoria, Age 17

Jam 5

Estelle Seymour Profile Estelle Seymour
Victoria Australia, Age 13
Miles Antonio Fairlie Profile Miles Antonio Fairlie
Melbourne, Victoria Australia, Age 11
Rory Tebb Profile Rory Tebb

Jam 6

Darcy Corbett Profile Darcy Corbett
Wollongong NSW, Age 25
Jay Runciman Profile Jay Runciman
Adelaide South Australia, Age 20
Joey Cormack Profile Joey Cormack
Suffolk Park, NSW Australia, Age 21

Jam 7

Max Saric Profile Max Saric
Altona Meadows, Vic Australia, Age 15
Mitchell Howse Profile Mitchell Howse
Redcliffe Queensland, Age 25
Thomas Martin Profile Thomas Martin
Heidleburg Heights Victoria, Age 26

Jam 8

Cam Stanley Profile Cam Stanley
Melbourne Victoria, Age 25
Dimitri Lagoutaris Profile Dimitri Lagoutaris
St Kilda Victoria
Manu Etchegoyen Profile Manu Etchegoyen
Darwin NT, Age 28

Jam 9

George Bidgood Profile George Bidgood
Malvern East Victoria, Age 19
Johnny Hill Profile Johnny Hill
Highton Victoria, Age 11
Zac Callahan Profile Zac Callahan
Victoria Australia, Age 18

Jam 10

Last Jam Scored: Jam 9

Next Jam Up: Jam 10 Last jam finalized. Waiting on judges new scores...

Jam 9 Scores

1: George Bidgood, 52.90
2: Johnny Hill, 44.72
3: Zac Callahan, 33.23

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 27
Goofy: 10 (37.04 %)
Regular: 13 (48.15 %)
Unknown: 4

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Australia

Australia (23)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (2)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from France

France (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from New Zealand

New Zealand (1)