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Jam 1

Evan Osiris Gomez Profile Evan Osiris Gomez
Aguascalientes Mexico, Age 14
Luis Medina Alvarez Profile Luis Medina Alvarez
Mexico City MX, Age 30
Steve Caballero Profile Steve Caballero
San Jose CA, Age 55

Jam 2

Antonio Diaz Rodriguez Profile Antonio Diaz Rodriguez
Iztapalapa CDMX, Age 27
Christian Hosoi Profile Christian Hosoi
Huntington Beach CA, Age 52
Kelvin Hoefler Profile Kelvin Hoefler
Sao Paulo São Paulo, Age 27

Last Jam Scored: Jam 2

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Jam 2 Scores

1: Kelvin Hoefler, 64.01
3: Christian Hosoi, 55.29

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 6
Goofy: 4 (66.67 %)
Regular: 2 (33.33 %)
Unknown: 0

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (3)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Mexico

Mexico (2)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Brazil

Brazil (1)