Vans Park Series Pro Tour France Womens Finals

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Jams List

Jam 1

Kisa Nakamura Profile Kisa Nakamura
Kobe Japan, Age 20
Daniela Terol Mendez Profile Daniela Terol Mendez
Barcelona Catelonia Spain, Age 11
Lizzie Armanto Profile Lizzie Armanto
Santa Monica CA, Age 27
Yndiara Asp Profile Yndiara Asp
Florianopolis Brazil, Age 22
Kihana Ogawa Profile Kihana Ogawa
Kanagawa Japan, Age 19
Poppy Starr Olsen Profile Poppy Starr Olsen
Newcastle Australia, Age 20
Mami Tezuka Profile Mami Tezuka
Hikone Shiga Japan, Age 18
Kokona Hiraki Profile Kokona Hiraki
Hokkaido Japan, Age 11

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Random Contest Facts

Total People: 8
Goofy: 1 (12.50 %)
Regular: 7 (87.50 %)
Unknown: 0

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Japan

Japan (4)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Spain

Spain (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Australia

Australia (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Brazil

Brazil (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Finland

Finland (1)