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Jam 1

Ådne Mo Profile Ådne Mo
Gjøvik , Age 17
Adrian Berges Profile Adrian Berges
Stange Norway, Age 17
Anders Wenngren Profile Anders Wenngren
Kongsberg , Age 27
Arvid Blomqvist Profile Arvid Blomqvist
Jessheim Norway, Age 26
Daniel Knutzen Profile Daniel Knutzen
Trondheim Norge, Age 17
Elias Heitmann Profile Elias Heitmann
Bergen , Age 16
Fredrik Lånke Profile Fredrik Lånke
Trondheim Norge, Age 16
Fredrik Tangerud Profile Fredrik Tangerud
Kristiansand Norway, Age 22
Gabriel Viking Profile Gabriel Viking
Stockholm, Age 19
Gard Hvaara Profile Gard Hvaara
Larvik Norway, Age 22
Haakon Markussen Profile Haakon Markussen
Tromsø Norway, Age 21
Heini Luotola Profile Heini Luotola
Henriette Pedersen Profile Henriette Pedersen
Bodø , Age 20
Inguna Skujina Profile Inguna Skujina
Jaime Mateu Profile Jaime Mateu
Mallorca Spain, Age 24
Joakim Ulseth Profile Joakim Ulseth
Trondheim , Age 27
Jørn wiggo Nyberg Profile Jørn wiggo Nyberg
Jessheim Norway, Age 25
Judith Anne Profile Judith Anne
Kasina Nordby Profile Kasina Nordby
Oslo Oslo, Age 25
Kevin Baekkel Profile Kevin Baekkel
Hamar Norway, Age 23
Konrad Unver Profile Konrad Unver
Apeldoorn The Netherlands, Age 64
Lars Gillebo Profile Lars Gillebo
Liidiia Maier Profile Liidiia Maier
Marius Ripe Lemoen Profile Marius Ripe Lemoen
Førde , Age 31
Morten Evenrud Profile Morten Evenrud
Norway, Age 23
Nicholas Hansen Profile Nicholas Hansen
Hamar Norway, Age 30
Øystein Thorheim Profile Øystein Thorheim
Brumunddalen Norway, Age 22
Robert Heikki Daniel Profile Robert Heikki Daniel
Santorini Nikkinen Profile Santorini Nikkinen
Sebastian Løvdal Profile Sebastian Løvdal
Sindre Kvalsvik Profile Sindre Kvalsvik
Norway, Age 21
Soren Noe Profile Soren Noe
, Age 22
Tommy Andersen Profile Tommy Andersen
Tonje Pedersen Profile Tonje Pedersen
Larvik Norway, Age 24
Trond Erik Alfstad Profile Trond Erik Alfstad
Vetle Ballestad Profile Vetle Ballestad
Trondheim Norge, Age 16

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Random Contest Facts

Total People: 36
Goofy: 7 (19.44 %)
Regular: 13 (36.11 %)
Unknown: 16

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Norway

Norway (26)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Finland

Finland (3)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Netherlands

Netherlands (2)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Estonia

Estonia (2)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Denmark

Denmark (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Spain

Spain (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Sweden

Sweden (1)