Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2019- North Dakota- Qualifiers

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Jams List

Jam 1

AJ Dauphinais Profile AJ Dauphinais
Grand Forks ND, Age 22
Chris O'Neil Profile Chris O'Neil
Grand Folk ND, Age 22

Jam 2

Dubois Toy Profile Dubois Toy
Chicago IL, Age 24
Tristin "Big Nasty" Moran Profile Tristin "Big Nasty" Moran
Grand Forks ND, Age 21

Jam 3

Anthony Schwants Profile Anthony Schwants
Grand Forks ND, Age 20
Jared Hubbard Profile Jared Hubbard
Grand Forks ND, Age 21

Jam 4

Sammy Zbinden Profile Sammy Zbinden
Grand Forks ND, Age 23
Tanner Berg Profile Tanner Berg
Grand Forks ND, Age 35

Jam 5

Cody Thompson Profile Cody Thompson
Grand Forks ND, Age 31
Travis Bragg Profile Travis Bragg
Minot ND, Age 31

Jam 6

John Morsette Profile John Morsette
Santa Fe NM, Age 31
Logan Mozey Profile Logan Mozey
Brooklyn Park MN, Age 22

Jam 7

Jalen Arsenault Profile Jalen Arsenault
Grand Folks ND, Age 21
Joshua Thorvaldson Profile Joshua Thorvaldson
WGP MB, Age 23

Jam 8

Alex Bouton Profile Alex Bouton
Grand Forks ND, Age 22
Mykal Mclearan Profile Mykal Mclearan
Fargo ND, Age 19

Jam 9

Justen Johnson Profile Justen Johnson
Grand folks ND, Age 29
Paul Epling Profile Paul Epling
Grand Forks ND, Age 26

Jam 10

Alex Pajda Profile Alex Pajda
Minneapolis MN, Age 29
Cosimo Bommarito Profile Cosimo Bommarito
Grand Forks ND, Age 26

Jam 11

Jenna Laneky Profile Jenna Laneky
Grand Forks ND, Age 30
Kayla Finley Profile Kayla Finley
Grand Forks ND, Age 21

Jam 12

David Carrera Jr. Profile David Carrera Jr.
Grand Forks ND, Age 17
Michael Zink Profile Michael Zink
Grand Forks ND, Age 23

Jam 13

brody thorson Profile brody thorson
Grand Forks ND, Age 15

Last Jam Scored: Jam 13

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 13 Scores

1: brody thorson, 27.69

Random Contest Facts

Oldest Person is 34:
Tanner Berg from Grand Forks ND
Youngest Person is 14:
brody thorson from Grand Forks ND
Total People: 25
Goofy: 4 (16.00 %)
Regular: 20 (80.00 %)
Unknown: 1

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (24)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Canada

Canada (1)