Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2019- Niagara Falls- Finals

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Jams List

Jam 1

Brayton Hamilton Profile Brayton Hamilton
Niagara Falls NY, Age 27
Chris Setinas Profile Chris Setinas
Markham Ontario, Age 16
Jordan Murray Profile Jordan Murray
Niagara Falls NY, Age 24

Jam 2

Cody French Profile Cody French
Toronto ON, Age 21
Gabe Vigliotti aka Minnow Profile Gabe Vigliotti aka Minnow
Youngstown OH, Age 13
Jake Bellamy Profile Jake Bellamy
Olian NY, Age 24

Jam 3

John Osborne Profile John Osborne
Buffalo NY, Age 30
Josue Dosouto Profile Josue Dosouto
Boston MA, Age 20
Tyler Stier Profile Tyler Stier
Lancaster NY, Age 22

Last Jam Scored: Jam 3

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 3 Scores

1: John Osborne, 44.11
2: Tyler Stier, 39.55
3: Josue Dosouto, 35.16

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 9
Goofy: 4 (44.44 %)
Regular: 5 (55.56 %)
Unknown: 0

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (7)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Canada

Canada (2)