Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2019- New York City- Qualifiers

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Jams List

Jam 1

Aaron Saldina Profile Aaron Saldina
New York City NY, Age 20
Brando Herrera Profile Brando Herrera
New York NY, Age 27
Nicholas Ramos Profile Nicholas Ramos
New York City NY, Age 19

Jam 2

Carl Aikens Profile Carl Aikens
California, Age 21
Gage Olson Profile Gage Olson
Gilbert AZ, Age 14
Henry Burne Profile Henry Burne
New York NY, Age 14

Jam 3

Andrew Zapata Profile Andrew Zapata
Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Age 20
Mikey Sanchez (CT) Profile Mikey Sanchez (CT)
Hartford CT, Age 20
Nate Stuart Profile Nate Stuart
Boston MA, Age 31

Jam 4

Keith Hardy Profile Keith Hardy
New York NY, Age 20
Kevon Chesney Profile Kevon Chesney
Chesapeake Virginia, Age 15
Miles Nelson Profile Miles Nelson
New York City NY, Age 13

Jam 5

Brandon Johnson Profile Brandon Johnson
Bronx NY, Age 22
Nick Donofrio Profile Nick Donofrio
Rochester NY, Age 26
Patrick Reed Profile Patrick Reed
New York NY, Age 20

Jam 6

Bryon Winfrey Profile Bryon Winfrey
Bronx NY, Age 32
Mattew Balseca Profile Mattew Balseca
New York NY, Age 22
Russell Hansen Profile Russell Hansen
Warwick NY, Age 24

Jam 7

Derek Holmes Profile Derek Holmes
Manhattan NY, Age 28
Juan Uribe Profile Juan Uribe
New York NY, Age 24
Starlin Polanco Profile Starlin Polanco
NY NY, Age 28

Jam 8

Alex Alezzy Profile Alex Alezzy
Baltimore MD, Age 21
Logan Kirshak Profile Logan Kirshak
Manhattan Beach CA, Age 13
Thomas Edwards Profile Thomas Edwards
Beaufort South Carolina, Age 17

Jam 9

Kenny Gonzalez Profile Kenny Gonzalez
New York NY, Age 18
Quillen Bender Profile Quillen Bender
Delray Beach Florida, Age 25
Ziek Castillo Profile Ziek Castillo
New York NY, Age 26

Jam 10

Brian O'Dwyer Profile Brian O'Dwyer
Westfield NJ, Age 20
Josue Dosouto Profile Josue Dosouto
Boston MA, Age 21
Steve Mendoza Profile Steve Mendoza
New York NY, Age 21

Jam 11

Curtis O'keefe Profile Curtis O'keefe
London , Age 15
Darian Webber Profile Darian Webber
New York NY, Age 27
Jahmali Ellison Profile Jahmali Ellison
New York NY

Jam 12

Christian Williams Profile Christian Williams
Bronx NY, Age 15
Devon Mcintosh Profile Devon Mcintosh
New York NY, Age 31
Justice Richardson Profile Justice Richardson
New York NY, Age 24
Pedro Munoz Profile Pedro Munoz
Bronx NY, Age 22

Jam 13

Sloan Laurit Profile Sloan Laurit
New York NY, Age 39
Tom Hernandez Profile Tom Hernandez
Trenton NJ, Age 28
Yovanni Alvarado Profile Yovanni Alvarado
New York NY, Age 21

Jam 14

Aamir Dani-Williams Profile Aamir Dani-Williams
Queens NY, Age 18
Andre Beverley Profile Andre Beverley
Brooklyn NY, Age 24

Jam 15

Joel Glanville Profile Joel Glanville
Jamaica NY, Age 18

Last Jam Scored: Jam 15

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 15 Scores

1: Joel Glanville, 31.47

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