Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2019- Baltimore- Qualifiers

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Jams List

Jam 1

Charles Cronyn Profile Charles Cronyn
Baltimore MD, Age 9
Teryn Dickson Profile Teryn Dickson
Baltimore MD, Age 26

Jam 2

Antonio Massey Profile Antonio Massey
Baltimore MD, Age 30
Dakota Macey Profile Dakota Macey
Baltimore MD, Age 18

Jam 3

Mathew William McCauley Profile Mathew William McCauley
Baltimore MD, Age 25
Trent Harper-Jett Profile Trent Harper-Jett
Annapolis MD, Age 15

Jam 4

Ben Markulik Profile Ben Markulik
Mount Airy MD, Age 18
Felipe Pagan Profile Felipe Pagan
Ponce Puerto Rico, Age 21

Jam 5

Aaron Davis,II Profile Aaron Davis,II
Clinton MD, Age 24
Alex Flores Profile Alex Flores
Annapolis MD, Age 17

Jam 6

Chris Actie Profile Chris Actie
Catonsville MD, Age 25
Griffin Millstein Profile Griffin Millstein
Baltimore MD, Age 13

Jam 7

Eric Britt Profile Eric Britt
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Age 23
lilly Smith Profile lilly Smith
Baltimore MD, Age 12

Jam 8

Korey Bryl Profile Korey Bryl
Baltimore MD, Age 23
Quinn Harbin Profile Quinn Harbin
Falls Church VA, Age 12

Jam 9

Andreas Alvarez Profile Andreas Alvarez
Springfield VA, Age 20
Karl Watford Profile Karl Watford
Washington DC , Age 21

Jam 10

Jeremy Bell Profile Jeremy Bell
Baltimore MD, Age 19
Jerzay Ingram Profile Jerzay Ingram
Baltimore MD, Age 22
Kyle Flegel Profile Kyle Flegel
Baltimore MD, Age 23

Jam 11

Last Jam Scored: Jam 10

Next Jam Up: Jam 11 Last jam finalized. Waiting on judges new scores...

Jam 10 Scores

1: Kyle Flegel, 46.02
2: Jerzay Ingram, 32.26
3: Jeremy Bell, 30.94

Random Contest Facts

Oldest Person is 29:
Antonio Massey from Baltimore MD
Youngest Person is 8:
Charles Cronyn from Baltimore MD
Total People: 21
Goofy: 12 (57.14 %)
Regular: 9 (42.86 %)
Unknown: 0

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (20)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (1)