Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2019- Tampa- Qualifiers

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Jams List

Jam 1

Chris Surdovel Profile Chris Surdovel
Deltona FL
Jonah Childs Profile Jonah Childs
Jacksonville FL, Age 21
Shawn Campbell Profile Shawn Campbell
Port Charlotte FL, Age 24

Jam 2

Atom Blanford Profile Atom Blanford
Clearwater FL, Age 14
Austin McCahan Profile Austin McCahan
St. Petersburg FL, Age 24
Matt Cava Profile Matt Cava
Tampa FL, Age 21

Jam 3

Jack McKee Profile Jack McKee
Boynton Beach FL, Age 13
Michael Premet Profile Michael Premet
Seminole Florida, Age 20
Ryan Sullivan Profile Ryan Sullivan
Daytona Beach Shores FL, Age 19

Jam 4

Alex Green Profile Alex Green
Clearwater FL, Age 19
Isaiah Jones Profile Isaiah Jones
Tampa FL, Age 18
Landon Swan Profile Landon Swan
Jupiter FL, Age 20

Jam 5

Jack Wahl Profile Jack Wahl
New Port Richey FL, Age 19
Jeremy Barnes Profile Jeremy Barnes
Clearwater FL, Age 24
Logan Lafontaine Profile Logan Lafontaine
Tampa FL, Age 24

Jam 6

Adam Tyler Profile Adam Tyler
Malabar FL, Age 19
David Mcchesney Profile David Mcchesney
Tampa FL, Age 20
Michael Adam Profile Michael Adam
New Port Richey FL, Age 19

Jam 7

Jack Mcmahon Profile Jack Mcmahon
New Port Richey FL, Age 16
Kaleb Paul Profile Kaleb Paul
Lakeland FL, Age 13
Malachi Macera Profile Malachi Macera
Land O Lakes FL, Age 26

Jam 8

Jake Mills Profile Jake Mills
Tampa Florida, Age 23
Jake Yanko Profile Jake Yanko
Melbourne Florida, Age 18
Zion Effs Profile Zion Effs
Miami FL, Age 11

Jam 9

Corey Gonzalez Profile Corey Gonzalez
Lakeland FL, Age 31
Josh Begley Profile Josh Begley
Ft. Myers Florida, Age 30
tyler radford Profile tyler radford
Tampa Florida, Age 30

Jam 10

Colin Baker Profile Colin Baker
Lakeland Florida, Age 14
Nash Barfield Profile Nash Barfield
Orlando FL, Age 12
Noah Pollard Profile Noah Pollard
Lake Worth FL, Age 14

Jam 11

Marse Farmer Profile Marse Farmer
Lakeland Florida, Age 23
Sebastian Tucci Profile Sebastian Tucci
Hollywood FL, Age 19
Wesley Box Profile Wesley Box
St. John's NL, Age 18

Jam 12

Dominiquee Jenkins Profile Dominiquee Jenkins
Riverview FL, Age 25
Freedom Charles Profile Freedom Charles
Laurel FL, Age 23
Thomas Edwards Profile Thomas Edwards
Beaufort South Carolina, Age 17

Jam 13

Connor Baker Profile Connor Baker
Cape Coral FL, Age 19
Kris Clayton Profile Kris Clayton
Tampa FL, Age 20
Marcellino Mendoza Profile Marcellino Mendoza
North Fort Meyers FL, Age 20

Jam 14

Chris Haughton Profile Chris Haughton
Hollywood FL, Age 23
Jacob Krajewski Profile Jacob Krajewski
Riverview Florida, Age 30
Noah Alderman Profile Noah Alderman
Tampa FL, Age 17

Jam 15

Jake Malick Profile Jake Malick
Lakeland FL, Age 19
James Cobb Profile James Cobb
Tampa FL, Age 26
Uncle Sam Bellipanni Profile Uncle Sam Bellipanni
Beverly Hills FL, Age 25

Jam 16

Cody Smith TPA Profile Cody Smith TPA
Tampa FL, Age 19
Sly Sullivan Profile Sly Sullivan
Palm Harbor FL, Age 23
Timothy Solomon aka Tampa Timmy Profile Timothy Solomon aka Tampa Timmy
Tampa FL, Age 24

Jam 17

isaiah hinnant Profile isaiah hinnant
tampa Fl, Age 18
Reese Watson Profile Reese Watson
Lakeland FL, Age 19

Jam 18

Daniel Infante Profile Daniel Infante
Bogota Cundinamarca, Age 18
Matt Savidakis Profile Matt Savidakis
Palm Harbor FL

Last Jam Scored: Jam 18

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 18 Scores

1: Matt Savidakis, 58.79
2: Daniel Infante, 25.85

Random Contest Facts

Oldest Person is 30:
Corey Gonzalez from Lakeland FL
Youngest Person is 10:
Zion Effs from Miami FL
Total People: 52
Goofy: 24 (46.15 %)
Regular: 22 (42.31 %)
Unknown: 6

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (50)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Canada

Canada (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Colombia

Colombia (1)