HWJS at Phoenix, Arizona - Skateboarding Street Advanced

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Jams List

Jam 1

Camp Schillereff Profile Camp Schillereff
Newport Beach CA, Age 14
Jayden Grace Profile Jayden Grace
Lakewood California, Age 17
Koston Eaton Profile Koston Eaton
Mesa AZ, Age 11

Jam 2

Austin Turgon Profile Austin Turgon
San Antonio TX, Age 16
Logan Kirshak Profile Logan Kirshak
Manhattan Beach CA, Age 13

Jam 3

Cage Cocalis Profile Cage Cocalis
Phoenix AZ, Age 16
Nobacel Villalobos Profile Nobacel Villalobos
Guadalajara Mexico, Age 12
Roman Hager Profile Roman Hager
Chandler AZ, Age 14

Jam 4

Keanan Hinton Profile Keanan Hinton
Castle Rock CO, Age 15
Malachi Gray Profile Malachi Gray
Phoenix AZ, Age 13
Matty Jessee Profile Matty Jessee
Oakland CA, Age 13

Jam 5

Camron Swanson Profile Camron Swanson
Scottsdale AZ, Age 17
Cassius Booker Profile Cassius Booker
Phoenix AZ, Age 15
Mason Springman Profile Mason Springman
San Clemente CA, Age 13

Jam 6

Aaron Arrieta Profile Aaron Arrieta
Gilbert Arizona, Age 16
Kristion Jordan Profile Kristion Jordan
Pasadena CA, Age 11

Last Jam Scored: Jam 6

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Jam 6 Scores

1: Kristion Jordan, 70.68
2: Aaron Arrieta, 62.42

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 16
Goofy: 5 (31.25 %)
Regular: 11 (68.75 %)
Unknown: 0

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (15)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Mexico

Mexico (1)