HWJS at Huntington Beach, California - Skateboarding Street 11 to 16

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Jams List

Jam 1

Keanu Nuuanu Profile Keanu Nuuanu
Waimanalo HI, Age 12
Leo Abraham Profile Leo Abraham
San Diego CA, Age 13
Steven Raubolt Profile Steven Raubolt
Mission Viejo California, Age 14

Jam 2

Aaron Trujillo Profile Aaron Trujillo
Norco California, Age 15
Christian Grenier Profile Christian Grenier
Livermore CA, Age 16
Colin Steele Profile Colin Steele
Carlsbad CA, Age 16

Jam 3

Esai Gonzales Profile Esai Gonzales
Huntington Beach CA, Age 12
Taiga Yoshida Profile Taiga Yoshida
Huntington Beach CA, Age 14
Tate Pittman Profile Tate Pittman
Huntington Beach CA, Age 13

Jam 4

Cy Romano Profile Cy Romano
Chatsworth California, Age 12
Hampus Winberg Profile Hampus Winberg
Varberg Sweden, Age 12
Joseph Henderson Profile Joseph Henderson
Oakland CA, Age 15

Jam 5

Jaeden Engle Profile Jaeden Engle
Big Bear CA, Age 14
Jonathan Lilley Profile Jonathan Lilley
Ocean City MD, Age 14
Marley Lachapelle Profile Marley Lachapelle
Huntington Beach CA, Age 14

Jam 6

Jacob Castillo Profile Jacob Castillo
Whittier CA, Age 11
Noah Garry Profile Noah Garry
Pacific Grove CA, Age 14
Shaw Sabori Profile Shaw Sabori
Costa Mesa California, Age 14

Jam 7

Ben Garry Profile Ben Garry
Pacific Grove CA, Age 12
Tahje Beaupre Profile Tahje Beaupre
Honolulu Hawaii, Age 15
Zak Borton Profile Zak Borton
Kailua HI, Age 14

Jam 8

Delano Pirozzi Profile Delano Pirozzi
Westchester CA, Age 11
Kaeden Garcia Profile Kaeden Garcia
Los Alamitos CA, Age 13
Kellan Massignani Profile Kellan Massignani
Temecula California, Age 12

Jam 9

Axel Crabill Profile Axel Crabill
Huntington Beach CA, Age 13
Elijah Flores Profile Elijah Flores
Anaheim CA, Age 15
Logan Archer Profile Logan Archer
Imperial Beach CA, Age 12

Jam 10

Ashe Beck Profile Ashe Beck
Winston Salem NC, Age 12
Evan Osiris Gomez Profile Evan Osiris Gomez
Aguascalientes Mexico, Age 13
Jackson Blake Profile Jackson Blake
Long Beach CA, Age 11

Jam 11

Gabe Vigliotti aka Minnow Profile Gabe Vigliotti aka Minnow
Youngstown OH, Age 13
Zack Beilfuss Profile Zack Beilfuss
Huntington CA, Age 14

Jam 12

Mason Welsh Profile Mason Welsh
Huntington Beach CA, Age 13
Matthew Franchek Profile Matthew Franchek
San Clemente CA, Age 13
Nick McIntyre Profile Nick McIntyre
Huntington Beach CA, Age 14

Jam 13

Presscott Frost Profile Presscott Frost
Long Beach CA, Age 12
Reid Ericson Profile Reid Ericson
Cardiff CA, Age 12
RJ Kobetsky Profile RJ Kobetsky
Tustin CA, Age 12

Jam 14

Aidan Suncire Profile Aidan Suncire
Los Angeles CA, Age 12
Cody Gore Profile Cody Gore
Huntington Beach CA, Age 12
Eric Milho Profile Eric Milho
Corona CA, Age 14
Nathan Pitcairn Profile Nathan Pitcairn
San Marcos California, Age 14

Last Jam Scored: Jam 14

Next Jam Up: All scores are finalized. Event is done!

Jam 14 Scores

1: Aidan Suncire, 52.93
2: Nathan Pitcairn, 30.68
3: Eric Milho, 26.60
4: Cody Gore, 0.00

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 42
Goofy: 16 (38.10 %)
Regular: 24 (57.14 %)
Unknown: 2

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (40)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Mexico

Mexico (1)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Sweden

Sweden (1)