HWJS at Huntington Beach, California - BMX Street 10 and Under

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Jams List

Jam 1

Caiden Cernius Profile Caiden Cernius
Vancouver WA, Age 8
Colton Hupp Profile Colton Hupp
Tehachapi CA, Age 9
Urijah Martinez Profile Urijah Martinez
Fresno CA, Age 10

Jam 2

Donovan McElroy Profile Donovan McElroy
Fountain Valley CA, Age 8
Eli Vanslagher Profile Eli Vanslagher
San Diego CA, Age 8
Mika Synegal Profile Mika Synegal
Los Gatos CA, Age 10

Jam 3

Carson Arredondo Profile Carson Arredondo
La Mirada California, Age 6
Killian Corona Profile Killian Corona
Hesperia CA, Age 6
Mateo Fonseca Profile Mateo Fonseca
San Jose California, Age 8

Jam 4

Asher Jorden Profile Asher Jorden
Santee CA, Age 11
Maddox Synegal Profile Maddox Synegal
Los Gatos CA, Age 6
Xander W Profile Xander W
Santa Cruz CA, Age 6

Jam 5

Ansel Hammeke Profile Ansel Hammeke
Burbank CA, Age 3
Logan Baysinger Profile Logan Baysinger
Huntington Beach CA, Age 3
Nehemiah Atkinson Profile Nehemiah Atkinson
Oceanside CA, Age 5

Jam 6

Connor Stitt Profile Connor Stitt
San Diego CA, Age 8
Jack Evans Profile Jack Evans
San Diego CA, Age 9
Kolton Tiefenthaler Profile Kolton Tiefenthaler
Canyon Lake CA, Age 7

Jam 7

Alejandro Armenta Profile Alejandro Armenta
Mexicali , Age 6
Ben Holman Profile Ben Holman
Rochester WA, Age 10
Cole Hoeppner Profile Cole Hoeppner
Newport Beach CA, Age 9

Jam 8

Caleb Arredondo Profile Caleb Arredondo
La Mirada California, Age 5
Dustin Raymond Profile Dustin Raymond
Huntington Beach California, Age 5
Elijah Cosby Profile Elijah Cosby
San Diego CA, Age 9

Jam 9

Last Jam Scored: Jam 8

Next Jam Up: Jam 9 Last jam finalized. Waiting on judges new scores...

Jam 8 Scores

1: Elijah Cosby, 56.62
2: Dustin Raymond, 37.76
3: Caleb Arredondo, 35.25

Random Contest Facts

Total People: 24
Goofy: 2 (8.33 %)
Regular: 12 (50.00 %)
Unknown: 10

Countries Represented

Pro and Am Skateboarders from United States

United States (23)

Pro and Am Skateboarders from Mexico

Mexico (1)