Omar Salazar

We Back Omar Salazar

Omar Salazar is the skater from outer space. His advanced mental prowess and physical abilities of levitation can only be described as “celestial.” His positive personality, never-ending energy levels, and uncanny story-telling abilities cause anyone that he meets to immediately be sucked into the legend that is Omar. Although born in the Earth City of San Jose, California, he got his first skateboard from his cousin when his family moved to Sacramento. Now a full-fledged veteran of the skateboarding world, with multiple video parts and a Nike SB pro model shoe under his belt, it’s hard to believe that Omar once had to hide the fact that he was sponsored from his disapproving parents. These days, Omar hides nothing. The high-speeds he obtains while on a board are only matched by his creative vision, allowing him to produce magic at the most insane spots. When Omar isn't skating, he is working on his own brand, Doom Sayers Club, reading about the Anunnaki civilization, or using his credentials of ministry to perform wedding ceremonies for his friends.