Yuto Horigome

We Back Yuto Horigome

In 2016, Japanese-born Yuto Horigome was the best kept secret in skateboarding. Then he came to America, and after two years of non-stop traveling and intense shredding, the secret was out. All it took was two hard-hitting video parts, a plethora of magazine coverage, and a victory at the 2018 Street League Pro Open in London. Now he is one of the most in-demand skaters around the world. If all goes according to plan, Yuto will be at the Olympics in 2020, debuting skateboarding in his hometown of Tokyo, where his father taught him how to skate when he was seven-years-old. The only question is, which event does he skate? He can make the finals in a pro street or park contest, so only time will tell. When Yuto isn’t skating, he enjoys video games, working on his English, and trying to figure out how to use his newfound fame in Japan to meet his celebrity crush, Tsubasa Honda.