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Donate to the Zion Michael O'Friel Boardr Fund to directly help with travel and other expenses for skate trips, contests, video parts, medical bills, and more.







"Funded" is the total amount donated. "Paid" is the total amount withdrawn by Zion Michael O'Friel. "Backers" is number of donations received.
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Recent Donors to Zion Michael O'Friel

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Anonymous donated $1,000.00 on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.
The Boardr donated $20.00 on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.
The Boardr says:
See you in 2017, Zion!
Aimee donated $100.00 on Monday, December 12, 2016.
Aimee says:
"There will be people that will say you can't make a living out of something you love to do. But are you really living by not doing it?" -Olan Rogers. Skate your Heart out friend and do what you love!
Anonymous donated $100.00 on Saturday, December 3, 2016.
Anonymous donated $200.00 on Thursday, December 1, 2016.
Dewey donated $25.00 on Thursday, December 1, 2016.
Dewey says:
Keep on shredding across the globe my friend! So stoked for you!
Anonymous donated $25.00 on Thursday, November 3, 2016.