The Boardr Olympic Region Rankings for OCEANIA

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Park Terrain Top 50


Region Rank Skater
1st Poppy Starr Olsen, Australia
2nd Shanae Collins, Australia
3rd Charlotte Heath, Australia
4th Taniah Meyers, Australia
5th Sabre Norris, Australia
6th Amar Hadid, Australia
7th Sari Simpson, Australia
8th Aimee Massie, Australia
9th Grace Cochrane, Australia
10th Izy Mutu, New Zealand
11th Ava Godfrey, Australia
12th Ruby Rockstar Trew, Australia
13th Isi Campbell, Australia
14th Zahra Johns, Australia
15th Gemma Balkin, Australia
16th Hayley Wilson, Australia
17th Jade Perry, Australia
18th Sockie Norris, Australia
19th Lexi Russell, Australia
20th Gracie Earl, Australia
21st Anneka Lewis, Australia
22nd Haylie Powell, Australia
23rd Estelle Seymour, Australia
24th Aaliyah Wilson, Australia
25th Clare Wilkinson, Australia
26th Harper Brett, Australia
27th Ruby Gordon, Australia
28th Chloe Andrew, Australia
28th Indiana Barnard, Australia
30th Evie Rushton, Australia
31st Willow Ingram, Australia
32nd Bridget Andrew, Australia
33rd Ivy Radnidge, Australia
34th Kasia Wernick, Australia
35th TJ Cross, Australia
35th Siobhan Swift, Australia
37th Ashlee Valle, Australia
38th Alani Houston, Australia
39th Layla Sharman, Australia
39th Jess Walsh, Australia
39th Ivy Edwards, Australia
39th Arabella Haigh-Arnott, Australia
39th Sophie Leonardo, Australia
44th Meiren Swift, Australia
45th Katelyn Trainer, Australia
45th Gretel Innis, Australia
45th Armani Moore, Australia
45th Jessie Steele, Australia
49th Porsche Chopping, Australia
49th Elsie Volant, Australia

Street Top 50


Region Rank Skater
1st Hayley Wilson, Australia
2nd Liv Lovelace, Australia
3rd Kat Williams, Australia
4th Haylie Powell, Australia
5th Aimee Massie, Australia
6th Estelle Seymour, Australia
7th Ava Godfrey, Australia
8th Meagan Bish, Australia
9th Blayze Harmer, Australia
10th Chloe Covell, Australia
11th Lily McElligott, Australia
12th Mia Sice, Australia
13th Izzy McPherson, Australia
14th Charlotte Heath, Australia
15th Layla Curnow, Australia
16th Isi Campbell, Australia
16th Luca White, Australia
18th Jessie Steele, Australia
19th Emma Smart, Australia
20th Hannah Illingworth, Australia
21st Aaliyah Wilson, Australia
22nd Tabetha Hadley, Australia
23rd Catarina Colangelo, Australia
24th Megan Smart, Australia
25th Meiren Swift, Australia
25th Grace Cochrane, Australia
27th Tora Waldren, Australia
27th Claudia Duane, Australia
29th Maddy McPherson, Australia
30th Ashlyn Robinson, Australia
31st Shanae Collins, Australia
31st Anneka Lewis, Australia
33rd Bridget Andrew, Australia
34th Adelaide Norris, Australia
35th Lilly Sherriff, Australia
36th Gemma Balkin, Australia
37th Aspen Wagner, Australia
38th Lexi Russell, Australia
39th Chloe Freeman, Australia
40th Chloe Andrew, Australia
40th Reckquel Sorrell, Australia
40th Nadia Frankland, Australia
40th Hayley Smith, Australia
40th Jade Ryan, Australia
45th Lylah Hughes Rennie, Australia
46th Isla Gibson, Australia
47th Paige Durrell, Australia
47th Jenn Iddon, Australia
47th Eva Warden, Australia
47th Izy Mutu, New Zealand

You might be able to get an idea of who might be going to the 2020 Olympics with this information, but, it is not an official IOC ranking. Our Global Rankings factor in every single published event results in the skateboarding industry, not just ones sanctioned by World Skate and the IOC. Find out how we calculate Global Ranks here.

Countries in the Oceania Region

Australia AUS 1524
Fiji FJI 0
Kiribati KIR 0
Marshall Islands MHL 0
Micronesia FSM 0
Nauru NRU 0
New Zealand NZL 26
Palau PLW 0
Papua New Guinea PNG 0
Samoa WSM 0
Solomon Islands SLB 0
Tonga TON 0
Tuvalu TUV 0
Vanuatu VUT 0