The Boardr Olympic Region Rankings for EUROPE

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Park Terrain Top 50


Region Rank Skater
1st Amelia Brodka, Poland
2nd Sky Brown, United Kingdom
3rd Shani Bru, France
4th Daniela Terol Mendez, Spain
5th Catherine Marquis, Germany
5th Lilly Stoephasius, Germany
7th Madeleine Larcheron, France
8th Chloé Bernard, France
9th Alisa Fessl, Austria
10th Paula Flores, Spain
11th Maite Louisy, Sweden
12th Silvia Serret March, Spain
13th Iraia Escobar, Basque Country
14th Jessica Jansson, Sweden
15th Maite Steenhoudt, Belgium
16th Valeria Bertaccini, Italy
17th Lucrezia Zarattini, Italy
18th Amanda Oline, Denmark
19th Candy Jacobs, Netherlands
19th Laurine Lemieux, France
19th Bettina Pfeifer, Austria
22nd Alice Attali, France
23rd Pauline Bülow, Denmark
23rd Louise Crespin, France
25th Idoia Casas, Basque Country
26th Julia Benedetti Gonzalez, Spain
27th Line Thoresen, Denmark
28th Louise-Aina Taboulet, France
29th Erica Caballero, Spain
30th Chloe Bernard, France
31st Rose Levin, Denmark
31st Amy Ram, United Kingdom
33rd Stefani Nurding, United Kingdom
33rd Siv Lange, Denmark
35th Tonje Pedersen, Norway
36th Roxana Howlett, United Kingdom
37th Coralie Beuchat, Switzerland
38th Rebecca Aimee Davies, United Kingdom
39th Helena Long, United Kingdom
40th Amy Brady, United Kingdom
40th Malene Svanaasen, Norway
42nd Lore Bruggeman, Belgium
43rd Emma Fastesson Lindgren, Sweden
44th Kasina Nordby, Norway
45th Heini Luotola, Finland
45th Hanna Baumbusch, Germany
45th Kiara Baraiazarra, Basque Country
48th Auriane Daries, France
48th Elsa Werner von Rehn, Germany
50th Vanessa Konte, Germany

Street Top 50


Region Rank Skater
1st Vincent Milou, France
2nd Yoshi Tanenbaum, Israel
3rd Aurelien Giraud, France
4th Richard Tury, Slovakia
5th Gustavo Ribeiro, Portugal
6th Jorge Simoes, Portugal
7th Axel Cruysberghs, Belgium
8th Hermann Stene, Norway
9th Maxim Habanec, Czech Republic
10th Alex Mizurov, Germany
11th Justin Sommer, Germany
12th Kevin Baekkel, Norway
13th Martin Pek, Czech Republic
14th Benjamin Garcia, France
15th Max Kruglov, Russian Federation
16th Alexander Risvad, Denmark
17th Douwe Macare, Netherlands
18th Nassim Guammaz, Netherlands
19th Joseph Garbaccio, France
20th Jost Arens, Germany
21st Adrien Bulard, France
22nd Daniel Leon, Spain
23rd Mads Christensen, Denmark
24th Egor Kaldikov, Russian Federation
25th Youness Amrani, Belgium
26th Konstantin Kabanov, Russian Federation
27th Egor Golubev, Russian Federation
28th Sewa Kroetkov, Netherlands
29th Gard Hvaara, Norway
30th Patrick Rogalski, Germany
31st Arnost Ceral, Czech Republic
32nd Christoph Radtke, Germany
33rd George Poole, United Kingdom
34th Tomas Vintr, Czech Republic
35th Robbin de Wit, Netherlands
36th Jacopo Carozzi, Italy
37th Denny Pham, Germany
38th Fabio Montagner, Italy
39th Tobias Christoffersen, Denmark
40th Simon Deprez, Belgium
41st Florian Westers, Germany
42nd Farid Ulrich, Germany
42nd Didrik Galasso aka Deedz, Norway
44th Bart Buikman, Netherlands
45th Jonas Carlsson, Norway
46th Alex Decunha, United Kingdom
47th Fernando Bramsmark, Sweden
48th Andreas Welther, Germany
49th Honza Navratil, Czech Republic
50th Rob Maatman, Netherlands


Region Rank Skater
1st Candy Jacobs, Netherlands
2nd Julia Brueckler, Austria
3rd Keet Oldenbeuving, Netherlands
4th Asia Lanzi, Italy
5th Lore Bruggeman, Belgium
6th Charlotte Hym, France
7th Andrea Benitez, Spain
8th Kate Shengeliya, Russian Federation
9th Aura Bredart, Belgium
10th Roos Zwetsloot, Netherlands
11th Caroline Dynybil, Germany
12th Sarah DeLaet, Belgium
13th Auriane Daries, France
14th Kseniya Maricheva, Russian Federation
15th Dominika Kralikova, Slovakia
16th Helena Long, United Kingdom
17th Dora Horvath, Hungary
18th Catherine Marquis, Germany
19th Tonje Pedersen, Norway
19th Alisa Fessl, Austria
21st Hristina Vitkovic, Serbia
22nd Ingrid Lonar, Norway
23rd Simona Reisingerova, Czech Republic
24th Evelien Bouilliart, Belgium
25th Helene Gerard, Belgium
25th Lea Schäfer, Germany
27th Natalia Bystrova, Russian Federation
28th Klara Kasparova, Czech Republic
29th Kristina Westad, Norway
30th Talja Sušec, Slovenia
31st Michaela Jurkova, Czech Republic
32nd Iris Besseling, Netherlands
33rd Lea Schairer, Germany
34th Emma Fastesson Lindgren, Sweden
35th Petra Hrasova, Czech Republic
36th Mar Barrera Mauri, Spain
37th Tea Mariani, Italy
38th Liliya Sukhankova, Russian Federation
38th Aleksandra Petrova, Russian Federation
40th Julia Kuehne, Germany
41st Larisa Podgornik, Slovenia
41st Agata Katarzyna, Poland
43rd Sanne Van Linder, Netherlands
44th Adela Doncukova, Czech Republic
45th Shani Paz, Israel
46th Paula Flores, Spain
46th Geletková Natálie, Czech Republic
48th Agata Halikowska, Poland
49th Malene Svanaasen, Norway
50th Jennifer Schneeweiss, Germany

You might be able to get an idea of who might be going to the 2020 Olympics with this information, but, it is not an official IOC ranking. Our Global Rankings factor in every single published event results in the skateboarding industry, not just ones sanctioned by World Skate and the IOC. Find out how we calculate Global Ranks here.

Countries in the Europe Region

Albania ALB 0
Andorra AND 0
Armenia ARM 0
Austria AUT 85
Azerbaijan AZE 0
Basque Country EUS 19
Belarus BLR 2
Belgium BEL 63
Bosnia Herzegovina BIH 1
Bulgaria BGR 8
Croatia HRV 6
Cyprus CYP 0
Czech Republic CZE 167
Denmark DEN 190
Estonia EST 18
Finland FIN 32
France FRA 261
Georgia GEO 1
Germany GER 499
Greece GRC 8
Hungary HUN 7
Iceland ISL 6
Ireland {Republic} IRL 11
Israel ISR 119
Italy ITA 295
Latvia LVA 8
Liechtenstein LIE 1
Lithuania LTU 7
Luxembourg LUX 7
Macedonia MKD 0
Malta MLT 1
Moldova MDA 0
Monaco MCO 0
Montenegro MNE 0
Netherlands NLD 203
Norway NOR 237
Poland POL 25
Portugal POR 50
Reunion REU 4
Romania ROM 6
Russian Federation RUS 87
San Marino SMR 0
Serbia SRB 14
Slovakia SVK 27
Slovenia SVN 38
Spain ESP 250
Sweden SWE 119
Switzerland CHE 69
Turkey TUR 75
Ukraine UKR 6
United Kingdom GBR 361
Vatican City VAT 0