The Boardr Olympic Region Rankings for AFRICA

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Street Top 50


Region Rank Skater
1st Dlamini Dlamini, South Africa
2nd Brandon Valjalo, South Africa
3rd Khule Ngubane, South Africa
4th Allan Adams, South Africa
5th Moses Adams, South Africa
6th Braxton Haine, South Africa
7th Nassim Lachhab, Morocco
8th Alan Marola, South Africa
9th Brian Stylianou, South Africa
10th Jean-Marc Johannes, South Africa
11th Michael Stylianou, South Africa
12th Anthony De Mendonca, South Africa
13th Byron Rhoda, South Africa
13th Ashton Banwell, South Africa
15th Kalvyn Mac Millan, South Africa
16th Yann Horowtiz, South Africa
17th Tyler Kammies, South Africa
18th Jamie de Villiers, South Africa
19th Jeremy Stone, South Africa
20th Warrick Delport, South Africa
21st Damian Bramley, South Africa
22nd Kanya Spani, South Africa
23rd Jamie De Velliers, South Africa
24th Mitchell Rice, South Africa
25th Shuaib Philander, South Africa
26th Trae Rice, South Africa
27th Lehlogonolo Thom, South Africa
28th Hassan Takashi, Tanzania
29th Toufeeq Raubenheimer, South Africa
29th Enwin Galant, South Africa
31st Stefan Jacobs, South Africa
32nd Bradley Henrey, South Africa
33rd Adam Woolf, South Africa
34th Tristan McLellan, South Africa
35th Dallas Oberholzer, South Africa
36th Patrick Michael, Tanzania
37th Enrique Ortell, South Africa
37th Graham Denoon, South Africa
39th Simon Stipcich, South Africa
39th Ethan Cairns, South Africa
39th Abubakar Amour, Tanzania
42nd Chris Nderitu, Kenya
42nd Justus Kotze, South Africa
44th Damon De Clercq, South Africa
45th Evan Binge, South Africa
46th David Woolf, South Africa
46th Joubert van Staden, South Africa
46th Josh Chrisholm, South Africa
49th Daniel Miltiadou, South Africa
50th Mark Mugendi, Tanzania

You might be able to get an idea of who might be going to the 2020 Olympics with this information, but, it is not an official IOC ranking. Our Global Rankings factor in every single published event results in the skateboarding industry, not just ones sanctioned by World Skate and the IOC. Find out how we calculate Global Ranks here.

Countries in the Africa Region

Algeria DZA 0
Angola AGO 3
Benin BEN 0
Botswana BWA 4
Burkina BFA 0
Burundi BDI 0
Cameroon CMR 0
Cape Verde CPV 0
Central African Rep CAF 0
Chad TCD 0
Comoros COM 0
Congo COG 1
Congo {Democratic Rep} COD 0
Djibouti DJI 0
Egypt EGY 2
Equatorial Guinea GNQ 0
Eritrea ERI 0
Gabon GAB 0
Gambia GMB 0
Ghana GHA 0
Guinea GIN 0
Guinea-Bissau GNB 0
Kenya KEN 5
Lesotho LSO 0
Liberia LBR 0
Libya LBY 1
Madagascar MDG 2
Malawi MWI 0
Mali MLI 0
Mauritania MRT 0
Mauritius MUS 1
Morocco MAR 7
Mozambique MOZ 3
Namibia NAM 7
Niger NER 0
Nigeria NGA 1
Rwanda RWA 0
Senegal SEN 3
Seychelles SYC 0
Sierra Leone SLE 0
Somalia SOM 0
South Africa ZAF 437
South Sudan SSD 0
Sudan SDN 0
Swaziland SWZ 0
Tanzania TZA 42
Togo TGO 0
Tunisia TUN 0
Uganda UGA 0
Zambia ZMB 19
Zimbabwe ZWE 1