Welcome Audrey On Atheme Deck Red

 Welcome Audrey On Atheme Deck Red
Size 8.75 X 31.75 WB: 13.75
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Long Sleeves

When the air is between a jacket and tee, the long sleeve is the perfect balance.

Date Night aka Nice Guy

The button down is referred to as a 'Nice Guy' also useful on date night and the court date you got on that skateboard ticket.


We have a few sort of bizarre products here in The Boardr Store, some that will make you blurt out WTF. Take a look!

Camp on Wheels

Over recent years, camping companies and skateboard companies have been in a backwoods love affair. We're in on it and got all the supplies you need to sleep at the skate spot outside.

It's Raining

For when you can't ride your skateboard due to the classic rain delay, we got these things to keep the skate juices flowing while indoors with your feet up on the couch.

About Nora Vasconcellos

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adidas, Welcome Skateboards, RVCA, Spitfire, MovieTickets.com, Tactics, Bronson, MOB Griptape

From: Boston MA. Stance: Regular. 24 years old.

About Welcome

Welcome Skateboarding Stuff In Stock Now There are many unwritten rules in skateboarding, with harsh penalties from the cool table upon breakage. Some can break these rules and come out unscathed, but you better tread carefully. Welcome Skateboards takes all the rules and focuses them right down the middle, all without being whatsoever careful. We all like skateboarding, but theirs seems to be a true love affair with all the things that make skateboarding fun that brought us to it in the first place. Be yourself, do what you want, ride whatever fun shape you want, pleasure before business, and no trick off limits. We're hyped to have Welcome Skateboards in The Boardr store and back these dudes and their approach at running their skateboard company.

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Skateboarders wear out different parts of the board at different paces, the wooden deck part of the skateboard itself generally being the most often replaced. Replace your wood here with cruisers to street boards to longboards.

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